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Burger King ( Headquarters) Burger King - Sauce Hoarders
Went to Burger King during their "Angry Whopper" promotion. Now, if you've never had an angry whopper, let me tell you... They're DELICIOUS. Not the burger itself, but the sauce they put on it. So I go to the Burger King here in Fort McMurray, and order an Angry Whopper. I requested no jalapeños, extra angry sauce. Since I love the angry sauce so much, I asked for some sauce on the side, to dip my burger in. I was told straight out "No." I asked the cashier what she meant by "No." She said simply "You can't have sauce on the side. Company policy." Now this definitely isn't having my burger "my way." On top of that, she didn't add extra sauce to my burger. I ate my burger and left. So I went back to Burger King the next day and talked to one of the managers there. It turns out that the cashier that took my order was THE EVENING SHIFT MANAGER. After explaining the situation, she said that they'd had alot of reports about her and her attitude. Well, I'm glad to see you address the issue of poor customer service. I then called their corporate office. They told me they'd investigate and get back to me. I specifically requested some kind of follow up information as to my complaint. Never heard back from them again. To summarize, the lack of angry sauce made me angry. Very angry.

Type of Gripe:

  • Poor Service

Type of solution Fizzmix is looking for:

  • Apology
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