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Buongiorno Buongiorno Gamifive Mobivillage games is a SCAM
Buongiorno Gamifive Mobivillage games is a SCAM !!!! Stay away from any games created by buongiorno.com On my January bill shows up that Buongiorno Gamifive Mobivillage games is charging me $9.99 When I called Fido they just kept repeating that I might have signed up for this service and I don't remember and there is nothing that they can do. I can't believe that these guys from Fido let anyone charge your mobile bill by just using your phone number. It's very simple for somebody to get your mobile number and subscribe you to this scam from Buongiorno Gamifive Mobivillage games. All they have to do is add your phone number and so these guys start charging you $10 per month. Unreal !!! I'm very frustrated with this buongiorno.com company. I recommend anyone that has Fido/Rogers account that they call and "block" they account so no 3rd company can charge your account.

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  • Billing

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  • Refund
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