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British Airways (Headquarters) a broken baby stroller and they don't care!!!
On a flight back to Toronto from London with British Airways, we arrived to find 3 of our 5 pieces of luggage missing, one of which was our now 1 year old daughters stroller. We finally received our missing luggage 3 days later (no clothes for 3 days), which were dumped at our door and no apology or compensation. Our main concern was our daughters stroller which we had to do without for 3 days which was a lot of hassle, then we found that it was damaged very badly along the way and is now basically unusable!!! We were told by BA (after being on hold for 25mins) that we had to FAX (are they still used?)in our complaint rather than being able to talk to someone to escalate this.... we flew into Toronto on Jan 5th and sent our fax to BA (+12122516711) on Jan 10th (i have resent it 4 times since just to make sure it went through!).... Today is the 8th of February and we are yet to get a response!!! That is a month without a baby stroller! That makes things very difficult for my family as baby strollers are not cheap and it is a great inconvenience! To go a month without a response is ridiculous!! Please help us get a response... Regards, Simon ------------------------------------ Location griped about: 1 Inglenook Crt Inglewood, ON Canada

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  • Contract
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