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Buongiorno bogus cell phone charges by gaming company
I looked at my February 2012 cell phone bill to find a $9.99 charge from Buongiorno Gamifive for Mobivillage games. I called Rogers, and they told me this happens all the time, and I should call the company directly. I did. They just kept repeating that I might have signed up for their SUBSCRIPTION PROGRAM (meaning they'll be charging me 10 bucks a month) by typing my cell phone number into a box online and then inserting whatever password they texted me. IMPOSSIBLE. Not only do I never do that, but I keep all my text messages, and I didn't receive or send ANY on or near the signup date of January 21, 2012. The lady on the phone kept repeating this message, even after I asked her to stop. She refused to rescind the $9.99 charge. I asked to speak to her supervisor, and she said this would require a call-back, and she HUNG UP ON ME before I could find out WHEN such a call-back would occur. I also emailed the company but so far have only received an automated response. Rogers refuses to take any responsibility other than to block future charges like these, although they admit this happens all the time. Why don't they have the block as a DEFAULT, and people have to ask them specifically to UNBLOCK these clearly bogus charges?

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  • Billing
  • Unethical Behaviour

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  • Refund
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