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BMW Toronto BMW refuses to bring their fuel efficient cars to Canada
BMW North America refuses to import any of their fuel efficient European diesel models in to North America. I think the marketing geniuses have decided that anyone in N.A. who would buy a BMW doesn't care about the environment or fuel efficiency. The only diesels that they have here in Canada are fuel guzzling monsters, the X5d SUV and the 335d (which is only available with automatic transmission. BMW has numerous models available in Europe that get better milage than an Toyota Prius but they refuse to bring them in to North America. I suspect that they are afraid of diminishing their perceived snob appeal if they were to import 4 cylinder diesels with manual transmissions. I currently drive a BMW which I love and would like to buy a new one but I cannot bring myself to buy a gas guzzler when I know they could do much better. If I could buy a 320d touring with a manual transmission (68mpg), I would order it today. Even noted Toronto Star auto journalists have sung the praises of this vehicle. I think that it is the patronizing attitude that BMW has towards Canadians annoys me the most and turns me off their products. As a result they are probably going to loose me as a customer along with others I know who would also love to buy a BMW 4cyl. diesel. I have inquired about this with sales staff and in writing and the written excuse I get is that there is no market in NA for such vehicles although the sales staff just shake their heads as they tell me these decisions are made by BMW USA. Perhaps Canadians should show them how wrong they are by just not buying any BMW's (they are also cheaper in the US but that is another gripe...)

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