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Bell Aliant Bell Aliant rings no bells for me.
On Nov 1, 2011, I signed up for Bell Aliant's Bundle for TV, Internet, $ Satellite TV for $86.12/mo for 6 mths. On Nov 26, I received my TV bill for $280.57. Customer Service told me this was for 2 mths - still didn't add up, so they reduced my bill to $155.22. On Dec 26, I received my next TV bill for $65.02 which I paid. So I waited for my phone bill. It finally arrived on Jan 18 and it was for $255.67. Customer Service would not discuss it. They would send me my Dec bill and then I would see why the charges. To date, I have not received that bill. So let's do the math. $155.22 + 65.02 + 255.57 = $475.81 - amount billed. $86.12 x 3 + $29.95 (activation fee) = $288.31. See the difference. I will pay the bill, but when my 12 mth locked in period (which I was not told about) is up, I will change my provider for my phone, TV, internet, & cell phone. Bell loose a loyal customer and I will spread the word. __________________________ LOCATION GRIPED ABOUT: Box 2226, Stn Central RPO Halifax, NS Canada

Type of Gripe:

  • Billing
  • Poor Service

Type of solution ElaineWaterman is looking for:

  • Refund
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