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Several days ago I contacted BB&T to make an on-line payment to my auto loan. The on-line system rejected my payment. The following day, I contacted the BB&T call center at 888-562-6228 and was told by a phone representative that $57 was due in "dealer interest" on the loan. The representative could not explain and stated that I needed to contact the dealer; later that evening I received a call from Ben Cruise, Cruz, Crews, who stated that "dealer interest" was something the lender arranges with the selling dealer and I should not have been told about any moneis outstanding, due, etc. After being given the run-around and, making several long distance phone calls at my own expense, I filed today, complaints with the NC Office of the Commissioner of Banks, the FTC and, the WV State Attorney General's Office. I still have yet to receive a phone call from the BB&T executive office. Should I fail to hear from BB&T about this matter, I will retain an attorney and cause suit to be filed. I have also requested an itemized billing statement from BB&T which should set forth all payments made on the loan. I have also requested a copy of my loan contract, terms and conditions. I do not recall signing any loan agreement obligating me to pay "dealer interest." I am unaware of any hidden fees or charges and was not informed of this at the time of the loan origination. I also spoke with a Leslie Cooper, from BB&T, Ranson, WV, tele# 304-728-4224 who stated that I needed to contact the original lender (meaning the dealer) about this interest situation. I have also spoke with a Roxanne Sidow, tele# 304-264-2267 - she doesn't know anything about "dealer interest" and has never heard of the term. Somebody from BB&T needs to do some explaining, and explain in a hurry. I want reimbursed for my long distance phone calls, my aggravation, annoyance and inconvenience.

Type of Gripe:

  • Billing
  • Misrepresentation

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  • Apology
  • Compensation
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