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After nearly 3 weeks of getting the runaround from HBC "customer care" department, I've decided to take my complaint online: In November 2011, my wife and I purchased a sofa, loveseat, and chaise set from the Vancouver downtown Bay store The store was beautiful, clean, and well-looked after. The sales associate,was very helpful and eager to assist us in our purchase and explained that there would be a delay in our receiving the items due to manufacturing capacity beyond The Bay's control. We decided this was acceptable and made the purchase. A day before our scheduled delivery date (January 2012), we received a phone call confirming the delivery, and on the date of the delivery, we received a phone call when the truck was 5 minutes away. The positives of our experience with The Bay stopped there. We had a junk removal company take away our old furniture, and the sofa would not fit down the stairs. Fearing the new furniture would have the same issue, we called ahead to attempt arrangements for delivery. The associate on the phone was very unhelpful and said she would "make a note on the file." When the delivery truck arrived (operated by a company called DYNAMEX), the delivery men took a look at our stairwell and said they didn't think the sofa would fit. Measurements confirmed this. When asked if they were made aware of this before their arrival, the delivery men said "no." After much discussion, we managed to get the sofa into our house via the balcony. Once inside, I detected the unmistakable odour of marihuana emanating heavily from the 2 delivery men. I am a trained police officer, and know the odour of marihuana all too well, and from what I could tell, the individuals had recently smoked the drug, and likely had some on their persons. This concerned me twofold: that the men were operating a large truck while (possibly) under the influence of narcotics, and that they did so while representing an iconic national brand such as The Bay. The sofa, loveseat, and chaise were all deposited in our living room, and the delivery men left (which for me was a good thing, because I maintain a drug-free household). However, on review of my purchase order I observed that a notation stated: "delivery instructions: please un-wrap and put in place, Thanks [sic]." Had the offer been made to un-pack the furniture been made by the delivery men, I would have refused solely on the basis of the strong odour of marihuana filling my residence. I un-wrapped the pieces, and observed that there were plastic 'feet' attached to the pieces, with decorative wooden 'feet' in packing. I began to remove the plastic feet from the sofa, but was unable to easily remove one of them. After much effort, I was able to remove the plastic foot, but the wooden one would not screw in, and simply slipped into place. This means that if the sofa is moved slightly or lifted at all, one of the legs falls off. After I discovered the defect, I immediately called the customer service line on my purchase order. I explained the situation, and the associate stated that a service order had been created and to expect a call within 72 hrs to schedule a repair. This call occurred on the morning of Sunday. On Tuesday, I received a call from a Bay associate, who stated that he wished to schedule the delivery of my sofa as he noted that my order was incomplete. I explained that the order was in fact complete, but the sofa had a minor defect that required repair. The associate reviewed the file and said that there was a service request active, and that someone should call soon, and the call ended. On the afternoon of Wednesday, my wife called The Bay customer service to attempt to schedule the service request as it had been more than 72 hrs since the initial call. The associate, said "I don't mean to point fingers but it looks like somebody has failed to complete the service request on the system" and also said that the system showed that the sofa was still to be delivered as the order showed incomplete. My wife corrected this information (for a second time) and was given a new Service Request #. 2 hours after this call, I received a call from The Bay Home Delivery Centre, asking to schedule the delivery of my sofa. I was at work and unable to take the call, thus it went to my voicemail. I asked my wife to call for a second time that day in hopes of again explaining the situation, she did so. We heard nothing back, and on Thursday I decided to send an email to Customer Care. On the following Monday, I received an automated email stating that the Bay had received my email and to expect a reply within 24 hrs. Fast-forward to Wednesday, and I get a followup email from Customer Care, asking for my phone number (included in original email) and stating I would receive a call from store management. I replied with my phone number (which they have on file and in my first email) and stated that store management was not the problem, it was customer service. No phone call was received, so at noon on Friday (now nearly 2 weeks after delivery) my wife called "customer care" and demanded to speak with a manager, many apologies were given, a discount was offered, but still no firm resolution on the repair issue was given. 3 hours later I received a call from a service tech to schedule repair. Had the first person we called told us " the repair department is really swamped right now, its going to be 2 weeks," we would have been fine with it. The issue is that several promises were made and nothing was followed through on. In total, we probably spend more than 4 hours of our time trying to correct a rather minimal issue. Perhaps taking this to a public forum will garner some results.

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