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Bank of America (Headquarters) Bank of America Mortgage Pains...AGAIN
Bank of America took over my mortgage loan servicing in the Fall of 2009 and it has been nothing but a headache since then. I have never seen such a lack of caring, communication and customer service from any business in my entire life. It is going on two years and they have failed to fix my home loan problems. They have even threatened to foreclose on me because their records show I am over $5,000 behind in mortgage payments when I am NOT behind on even one payment. I have talked to a couple of dozen people from BAC (some have even told me they would fix my problems) but the problems NEVER get fixed; I just get moved from one customer service person to another. I continue to receive debt collecting phone calls from them, as well as letters stating I need to do a loan modification to clear up my default....I fully expect to see more foreclosure notices again. Why can't someone from this company realize that their records and loan servicing practices are a complete mess and because of the way they do business, regular folks like me are victimized and dragged thru the mud. Taylor Bean and Whitaker used to service my loan and they had given me a three month forbearance on payments (you guys know this). I started to pay it back in a repayment agreement I signed with them but within a couple of months they turned over the loan to BAC. BAC never properly documented my repayments. Now you insist I owe you money when I have been paying them my regular mortgage payment AS WELL as the repayment monies for two years. Where's my money BAC? Where the heck did you post it and why is it my problem when I've done everything that I was supposed to do. Now I am being forced into a loan modification I shouldn't have to do after being threatened with losing my house?? This is sooooo wrong! I am not doing a loan modification (why should I have to jump thru hoops when this is your mistake?), and I am not paying you money I have already paid. I have had two people from the office of the CEO and President assinged to my case. First one, Chris Thompson; nice guy but he told me this was fixed and it isn't. Second one, Carl R Knox, who apparently reviewed my account is now claiming i didn't pay enough into my escrow?? Come on guys....get your stories straight because the waters have been so muddied by so many people at BAC that I don't know if I'm coming or going. Frankly, you probably don't know either or you would not keep changing the story. In December 2011 Chris Thompson from BAC's Office of the President/CEO says everything is fixed and I owe nothing. January 2012 Carl R Knox from the President/CEO says it is not and I owe money....are you guys kidding me???....what a mess!

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