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Bank of America (Headquarters) Bank of America Does Not Make Homes Affordable No Communication with Applicants
I need help in communicating with Bank of America regarding the status of my application for the federal program Making Homes Affordable. I have been in the application process for over a year. The process began over a year ago when I submitted the first application packet. I submitted the required application for the Make Homes Affordable Federal Programs for the 1st time. The first applicaion process took over 9 mos and I was denied based of the market value of my home. After over 6 mos and 25 phone calls being transferred to numerous departments and telephone messages that I would get a call back in an attempt to get information to appeal the decision which was not clearly documented in the denial information. I usuccessfully tried to contact anyone at Bank of America that could explain the denial and the next steps after 30 phone calls to the Bank of America, I contacted Federal organizations referenced in the denial letter and they set up a conference call and I reapplied and started the applicaion process again in October 2011 and faxed the required documents. I called for 30 days and was advised that the application was being processed and it would take 60 days. I received a letter shortly thereafter advising that I was assigned an Account Manager and all communication with Bank of America would be handled by my Account Manager. After becoming extremely frustrated in December 2011, I found a phone number on line to contact Executive Services and a very nice lady used the leverage of her position to force a representative to call me. After spending 2 and 1/2 hours on the phone the BOA Account Manager advised me to reapply and provided me with a list of more than 20 pages of documentation to complete the application process for the second time. Since December I have received no communication from Bank of America. Each time I call I am routed to my Account Manager which is a dead end. No one answers the phone and I have left over 36 voice mail messages and have not received a response. This is so frustrating when you cannot find anyone at a large bank that will not provide any communication to its' customers when you are trying to take care of the financial status of your home. I am sure that I am not the only Bank of America customer having this issue. I am hoping that I this communication will help me with this communication, Bank of America certainly knows my home address and has not problems communicating with me regarding late mortgage payments.

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