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App Themes AppThemes Clipper coupon application - misrepresentation
Appthemes advertises their Clipper coupon software application as "built for ease of use", "you'll be online and posting coupons within minutes". I am in the process of building a coupons website and have created my site from scratch using various themes and tools I purchased online. I was unable to batch upload coupons at all using their CSV upload tool. The process was so difficult, time consuming, un-intuitive that it is geared towards programmers or software designers, not the common man website builder like myself as their advertising would lead one to believe. They provide little documentation (no training videos like competitors), and do not show how the CSV coupon upload process is going to work in their advertising like they do other operations. In fact, here is their verbiage on - Importing Tool It’s easy to import your coupons from other systems. Heck, we even provide you with a sample .csv file. Our advanced importer works for any post types and custom fields. Just map out the columns in your .csv and import. While attempts at customer support were made and the company did respond, they would not even agree to a partial refund. I paid $69 and asked for $50 refund as reasonable amends for the time customer service rep spent emailing back about my problems. New clients abandoned the product even during the short time I was on the support forums, so I am not alone in the frustration with this product.

Type of Gripe:

  • Misrepresentation

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  • Compensation
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