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I purchased a variety case of Alexander Keith's. I enjoyed three of the four varieties. The so-called premium ale was a real surprise. It had chunks of sediment and clouds of thick sludge. I held all six bottles to the sun and all were the same. Thinking this beer was spoiled, I contacted Labbat Brewery Company, to file a complaint. I was told that the premium ale was as it should be, because it is an unfiltered product. I have never had to chew my beer before, and I expressed my displeasure about this product. I feel I should have been warned about the unfiltered beer, at the time of purchase. There was no offer of compensation. I am stuck with six bottles of beer, that I can't even give away. Nobody wants it. Buyer beware!

Type of Gripe:

  • Misrepresentation

Type of solution Don morrow is looking for:

  • Refund
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