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Air Canada Vacations Headquarters Air Canada - not willing to go the distance
I had a flight booked with air Canada hour 830am. it was canceled and we were rebooked for 11am.....that flight was canceled as well. booked for the 12pm flight......delayed now to 615pm. there are several flights in the afternoon but they are giving precedence to the folks that had originally booked those times and are just shuffling around the folks who were supposed to leave in the morning. no food voucher -I've been at the airport since 630am. the weather was fine.....lots of flights leaving on time. no reason given for the cancellation. still waiting to get on a flight that I booked 4 months ago. i'm supposed to fly to Vancouver and take the ferry to Victoria and since its my birthday today, a celebration was planned. now I won't make the last ferry and even if I get to Vancouver tonight I have no where to stay. i'm renting a car in Vancouver and cannot fly direct to Victoria. Air Canada is only willing to get me to Vancouver but not willing to put me up for the night since I have no where to stay in Vancouver as my final destination is Victoria. now I have to spend my entire birthday on the airport hoping to get on a flight to Vancouver only to have no whereto stay overnight and then take the ferry tomorrow morning. poor customer service.I will never ever fly air Canada again.

Type of Gripe:

  • Disruption
  • Poor Service

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  • Compensation
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