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About Us
GripeVine was created from a passion to improve the customer service experience. We built a system where real people with feedback for companies are connected to those businesses, helping everyone.

Do you know when you sign that book by the door of a hotel or restaurant and provide your feelings about your experience? That is what we are creating with our online Guestbook, a place for the customer to connect and provide valued feedback to the business. If given and received in the spirit of making it better for everyone, it is a powerful tool. Reinforcing what is great or helping to make something better.

If a customer has a specific gripe, we provide a neutral, fair and level playing field where consumers and companies can come together to work out their differences and arrive at successful resolutions.
For Businesses
To find out what GripeVine can do for your business and to claim your free business account, read our business overview .
For Consumers
GripeVine is a place where your story is visible to the community and where people come to learn about what businesses to trust – what do the Guestbook entries say and how does the business respond to problems. Do they even show they are listening and how do they engage with their customers?

Use your GripeVine account to place your customer experiences or specific problems squarely and prominently on the web. The more times your post is viewed in GripeVine, the more powerful your contribution to other consumers and, yes, even to the companies. Many users don’t want to load their personal social media with feedback to companies, it’s just not what they want on their feeds. GripeVine is a specialized customer service site where you can get the attention needed on your story and get the responses and action you want. Of course, if sharing to social media is something you want to do, we have all the connections required to easily make that happen.

When you have a complaint, we believe that your voice does matter and companies really do care but sometimes that message can get lost in the system or simply not be heard. You can use GripeVine to tell your story. If you had a bad experience with a company and couldn't get them to make it right, you can add a little leverage by publishing your story here. We'll get it in front of the right people – those who have the desire to set things right.

Once the business responds, you can communicate with them in public or through the private messaging system accessible through your personal page.

When the business sends you a Resolution Response to your gripe, you will rate your satisfaction with their offer and you will have had your say in their Customer Resolution Index, for all to see on the company’s business profile page.

As a member of GripeVine, you'll earn credibility points (Creds) for various actions you take on the site. Helping other members with Gripes and Guestbook entries, posting Polls, contributing comments, supporting or not supporting other members' Gripes or Guestbook entries, or writing follow-up stories after scoring a resolution offer. The higher your Creds, the more influence you exert in the Gripevine community and with companies.

If you've got a gripe with GripeVine - here's our business profile page , where you can submit a gripe about us. We'll respond to it right away!
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