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Wrongfully accused/called a thief~ EMBARRASSED BY LOSS PREVENTION FOR A $2 ITEM I MISSED SCANNING 😢😢😳😳

@Walmart Supercenter I took my sis shopping 2 weeks ago at my local Walmart in Oak Park Heights, MN. We spent over an hour shopping,over 70 items between us. I scanned all our groceries at self checkout (like I always do) & paid $120. While walking out the door, 2 young (teenage) employees stopped us, 1 stood in front of my cart while pushing it backwards into me Yelling at me "I got you, I got you, I was watching you the whole time, I saw you!!" I said saw me what?? Pay for my items? & Gave her my receipt. She grabbed 1 item (a $1.99 drink) from the basket I somehow missed totally on accident, made a scene calling me a thief!! I offered to pay. she Refused , said I'm going to jail for theft! She took some items out my bags, checked receipt & set on DIRTY FLOOR BY DOOR,DURING COVID!! I left with my $120 in groceries,took my receipt back. She called police, gave my plate #.. police came to my home, I showed my receipt & bags in my car! cop said he'd letme know IF he files charges
Requested: Apology, Improvement, Other
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