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Walmart cheats disabled black vet

@Walmart Supercenter On Saturday, September 3, I put 2 tents in my shopping cart. Not being finished with the order and having to leave suddenly, I closed my laptop expecting to get back to it. Somehow, Walmart decided to place the order for me without my consent. Then, Sunday night, without any prior notice, your driver decided it was a good idea to pull up in front of a business obviously closed, in the dark of night, in an area EVERYONE in this valley knows is heavily trafficked by homeless, decides to throw it on the sidewalk and drive away. If in fact the driver even dropped it off. The photo shows someone afraid to get out of the car. In spit of this irresponsible, even grossly negligent drop off, Walmart is refusing to properly deliver the merchandise. Or refund. Those tent were to be given to 2 needy homeless men, one a disabled black vet whose vet benefits are being delayed by the the VA. So Walmart decides to screw him too.
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