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Pathetic delivery person for MediaMarkt delivery through Dynalogic

@MediaMarkt Amsterdam Delivery persons are highly trained for giving illogical excuses. 1st they said they can't enter the house because the passage is not clear but when I asked them to enter from backyard they said 'No' we will enter from the front door only and they did. Then they said we can't lift the delivery till the 1st floor because the stairs are too small and it is more than 150 kg but when I checked specification it said weight is 73 kg. They said if we will hurt ourselves then who will feed our children. In Netherlands the houses and every part of it have standard construction size and patterns so this is again a irrational excuse. They left the delivery in the ground floor. Pathetic service MediaMart must not hire them for any delivery service!
Requested: Compensation, Improvement, Policy Change, Other
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