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Improper account restriction due to price gouging policy

@EBay Headquarters My account is repeatedly being pulled up for price gouging. I listed some nitrile gloves in bulk (400 pairs) with below average per glove price. Yet ebay repeatedly ends my listings for price gouging. Then they sent a follow up email saying my account is restricted. This happened last month and I sent them an email explaining that their action is not justified because there are thousands of sellers who are selling for higher prices but because the qty they sell is smaller their price appear to be lower but actually I have lower price per unit. I even sent them bunch of listings to prove my point (unfortunately they continue to allow those). One representative even said that they are allowing few authorized sellers to sell essentials due to price gouging. That is not true, because if it is authorized dealer, it says so in the search results. Some of the sellers are from China posing as locals. Today my listing was ended while there are 11000 others allowed to sell.
Requested: Policy Change
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