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I got sold Shisheido product that damaged my skin and caused a breakout.

@Shoppers Drug Mart Headquarters I was sold $278 dollars worth of Shisheido product not warned about the retinol contained in it. My face was fine the first month then dried out severely like a 70 year old woman. After that my face broke out. I asked a cosmetologist why this had happened at a different store and they said I should have been told about the retinol content and to use it once a week to start. I was not warned and I used the Shisheido benefiance smoothing moisturizer the serum and the eye cream. I used it every day. I tried to return it to the Kingsway mall store I bought it from and I got told off severely by the manager Sheida on the phone. She said I had gone past the 30 days and that the product was no longer saleable! My damage occurred after the one month time period. How rude she was to me and saying it was no longer saleable??! I want my money back my skin is badly damaged and extremely dried out. I want my money returned. Donna Hewko in Edmonton *** *** ****
Requested: Compensation
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