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Hardware not included

@The Brick Head Office I will honestly never EVER step foot into the brick ever again! I will be telling everyone to avoid this place unless they want terrible customer service, parts missing, and late delivery! When we called to complain our dining table had the wrong hardware included, we were told to pickup at a location! My husband goes to pickup the hardware (took 3 hours there and back) and comes home to assemble and yet again was given the WRONG hardware! We called back and told them how unacceptable this was and wanted someone to deliver the hardware next day and they refused to, only could send by mail which would take a few weeks! Completely unacceptable, we paid for a product, you have the money and customer should have the product, its simple as that! I also had a couch that we were waiting on as well, but after this all happened, we cancelled the order! We are so dissatisfied with how they "fixed" the issue. Never shopping here again!
Requested: Compensation
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