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@Empire Today Flooring This is the second time our flooring was improperly installed. The first time when the vinyl planks started separating they came out and said it was improperly installed and needed a new subfloor. They came out and reinstalled the floor. Within 6 months it started separating again. They came out and "evaluated" the floor. They are saying that we improperly cleaned it. (we use a swiffer mop) and that all of our furniture does not have floor protectors on it. They sent me the contract and in the fine print is that the floors should be cleaned with a spray bottle and lightly damp mop. That the dog damaged the floor etc. They will not replace or reinstall and are charging us 4,000 to redo the floor. The last floor lasted 15 years, this one each has lasted 1 year. Now that it is all separating, and the gaps can hold a credit card throughout the entire living room, dining room and kitchen, water damage is going to get worse very quick.
Requested: Repair / Replacement
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