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Free pizza policy not respected

@Pizza Pizza On Januray 31st, my order was set to arrive by 7:07 pm. The driver called me stating that he couldn't find parking and that I would have to come down and get my order outside ( it was cold outside, if im asking for a delivery at my door why am I ask to come outside to get my order? ). He was there at 7:27 pm ( I have my receipt stating the time) which means my pizza should've been free. He argued he was there under the limit time trying to convince me that 7:07pm was the time the order was delivered. Basically he lied, was annoyed and didn't give me my order unless I paid and then he left. I want a reimbursment, the driver did not respect the policy. My pizza was cold and I had to reheat it. The toppings were poorly distributed and not the usual quality of pizza pizza. Very disappointed. This was the second time in the SAME week that I ordered pizza pizza but the experiences were 2 worlds apart.
Requested: Compensation
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