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Bought extended warranty for a clearly defective Samsung dishwasher. The Brick refused to replace it until it was out of warranty. Now nothing they can do

@The Brick Head Office Completely ripped off. I bought a dishwasher with the extended warranty 5 years ago. I have had problems with it ever since. The Brick has attempted to repair it several times while making matters worse. Different repair people come in and do more damage to the dishwasher. It's now crooked, leaks and doesn't work. The last time I contacted them I said verbatim "The warranty is about to expire on this thing, you want to fix it again and that means it won't work in 2 months conveniently when I'm outside of my warranty. I need a better solution than just fixing it. Well, in came the repair guy. 2 months later and 1 month outside of the warranty the dishwasher doesn't work. I asked for a replacement because I didn't trust you guys and I was right. "There's Nothing We can do, it's out of warranty". So when I was in warranty I predicted exactly what your scam would be and of course it happened. Take responsibility!
Requested: Compensation, Repair / Replacement
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