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Awful company, refused communication, abandoned me

@Precision Resolution, LLC BEWARE OF PRECISION RESOLUTION, LLC. They were paid to represent me in my mother's health care bills to Medicare/CMS. Their intercession resulted in over $7000 in debts to Medicare. I had previously disputed myself claims, which resulted in Medicare agreeing with all of my disputes, and resulting in a $0 balance. I was told that these charges were permanently deleted by CMS. I had received another statement from CMS which now indicated that some of the claims deleted were now reinstated. In addition, there were apparently fraudulent charges which were not investigated by Precision. When I asked why they said it was requested by Precision and my attorneys. Before I had the chance to address these claims, I was told Precision had recused themselves from any representation to me. Essentially, they have abandoned me. Despite my repeated efforts to contact Precision and Hallmark, they have neither the professionalism, nor the courtesy to return my calls. The
Requested: Compensation
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