Board of Directors

Richard Hue

Richard Hue, CEO and founder, has over 25 years of start-up and investment experience working with companies in the service and technology sectors. He began his career in the investment banking sector and transitioned into the tech sector during the dotcom era in late 1997. He continues to successfully apply his investment and management skills to small and mid-cap companies both in North America and internationally.

Mark Vange

Mark Vange brings nearly 30 years of technical expertise as a developer and advisor from both technology and investment stand points, highlighted by his time as CTO of the digital game division of Electronic Arts Interactive. Mark brings technology vision, international team management and extensive experience in cloud-based delivery of mobile and social products along with the experience of having built and sold several companies. Mark has become a sought-after adviser and mentor. He is now deeply involved in the crypto space, in particular building TokenIQ that embeds technology into Crypto Tokens to ensure regulatory compliance through the lifecycle of the token’s existence.

Helen Bernardino

Ms. Bernardino has over 25 years of experience in the corporate industry. She was one of the early innovators of the online pharmacy space where she brought many innovative changes to the industry. Ms. Bernardino currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of My Private Pharmacy. Ms. Bernardino served as Chief Operating Officer of Suburban Drugs from April 1991 to February 2009, and as the Chief Executive Officer of RF Drugs from April 2003 to January 2009. RF Drugs was one of the first Online Pharmacies at that time.

Advisory Board

Harpreet Geekee

Harpreet is a recognized expert in Blockchain, real-time complex Software Systems, as well as predictive Big/Small Data. In addition to advising multiple startups, he is currently also an advisor to the Government of Canada on how to leverage disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the national security and citizen services sector. Harpreet was previously CTO of Cisco Systems Solutions Canada and Juniper Networks Financial Vertical.

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