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Companies need a voice too!
Your company is making an impression online, no matter what you do. In the growing market of online consumers, word gets around instantly about your customer service.
Less work, more results
Imagine receiving legitimate consumer complaints in a well categorized, highly organized, easy to manage format. That is what we do for you at Gripevine, saving your company time and helping to improve your reputation and brand value.
In a world of unlimited social media free speech...
Consumers increasingly post their customer service issues online in unrestrained and negative ways, often resulting in brand or reputation damage. Gripevine offers a place to go that concentrates on customer service feedback and is not automatically exposed through the major social channels. We seek to build a civilized environment where your company can engage with your customers in public, without fear of anonymous posts that haven’t been verified. We encourage customers to seek resolution through positive, resolution-based language and processes.
Protect yourself against negative sentiment
If you feel that a customer’s post is not legitimate, you have the option of hitting the “Request Contact Information” button. This initiates an automated process requesting customers provide their contact information to ensure that they are verified users. We also insist that consumers communicate in good faith to provide the details required to aid resolution. If the required information or communication is not forthcoming, you can request a “flag as fake” designation on the post.
No one is perfect, but there’s always a chance to be better
Gripevine is designed for companies that want to stand out in their market and build their brand. When your customers provide feedback, you can engage easily. If good customer service does go bad and a Gripe is posted, you can show your responsiveness merely by engaging with the customer on the site, and this effort is reflected in your Customer Contact Rate (CCR). Claiming your free Gripevine account activates your Business Dashboard and lets you to communicate with any customer who posts about you. You can then respond quickly, fixing small customer service issues before they turn into a nightmare for your brand.

When customers feel ignored, they aren’t just upset – they lose trust in your brand. But when people feel listened to, connected with and like their problems are being solved, you can actually build more loyalty than if no problem ever occurred.
You can win with transparency
When you help your customers resolve their issues on Gripevine, you’re demonstrating your commitment to one of the key virtues of our time: transparency.

Trust is the new currency. The greater your commitment to transparency, the more your customers will trust you. The more your customers trust you, the more loyal they’ll be. Increased loyalty translates into increased profitability and the best advertising of all – publicly demonstrating your connectedness to the needs of your customer.
And you're not alone
Gripevine is your partner in managing customer relationships. We want you to have free access to your customers, we want civilized dialogue on our site, we want you to have a user-friendly Dashboard to manage interactions, we want you to feel comfortable that you are dealing with real people seeking to Be Heard and find resolve with your company, we want posts from verified customers, and we want you to get the credit you deserve for being responsive and working towards resolution.

People will post on the web about their experiences, so why not motivate your customers to post on Gripevine, an environment that is the safest and makes it work best for you? How do you do that? Simple - if you connect with customers on Gripevine, customers will come to Gripevine to connect with you.
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