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We lost our hom3 to the May 20, 2014 tornado. When we rebuilt we wanted higher end appliances. We purchased Galley series appliances from Metro Appliance Warehouse in Oklahoma City. While the...

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35 min 32 sec ago

On January 20, 2016, I purchased a vehicle from Ford Motor/Twins Auto Sales. A few days prior to purchasing this vehicle, I along with my uncle test drove and performed a general safety overview...

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2 hours 49 min ago
Twins Auto Sales

I entrusted a desktop computer to my local UPS store to package and ship. It arrived smashed. Hard to believe, but all that was used for packaging material was foam peanuts? To add insult to...

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7 hours 10 min ago

I recently contacted Rogers due to the fact I had signed up for a internet-cable promo almost 2 years ago. That was at the end of the term. The promo I was on was a tiered plan, I believe 4 or 6mo...

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8 hours 5 min ago

We booked our DIRECT flight to Varedaro Cuba out of Ottawa leaving Funerary 24,2016 at 6:00AM and arriving at 10:00AM - full day in the sun on arrival! Sunwing has somehow found it within their...

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8 hours 47 min ago

My wife and I booked a trip through Sunwing heading to Cuba March 8 leaving at 06:00, returning March 15 at 21:40. Last week we informed by our travel agent that the flights have now been changed...

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23 hours 15 min ago
Sunwing Vacations

Well I am not happy with some pest control companies I have contacted with. But so far Termites Gold Coast by flick is the best. I highly recommend their service!

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23 hours 28 min ago
Termites Gold Coast

On February 1st some bright spark at Rogers had MLB take over the NHL Game Centre Live web site. Now there are no more condensed games. I have talked to people all over the place at Rogers. Most...

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1 day 3 hours ago

So my SRS light came on, and at the same time I was contacted about the airbag recall on my CRV on the driver's side. I phoned Honda and was told that the SRS is THE SAME system as the airbag....

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1 day 6 hours ago
Honda Canada Inc



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