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Windows 10 wiped out my Windows 7 Home Premium edition, not once but twice and it continues to remotely download. My PC os now uesless

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Bill Steiger
53 min 41 sec ago

We made a complaint to the Brick customer care department recently on the Brick ‘Full Circle Protection Value Back Extended Warranty’. The brick has the worst customer service, and extreme lack of...

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2 hours 35 min ago

My father leased a vehicle from KIA Motors. He unfortunately passed away within a few months. My mother tried to assume his lease and was told she would first have to settle his financial...

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4 hours 47 min ago
KIA Motors

On May 26th at noon, GO bus entered the QEW at Hurontario St., Mississauga. Cut of entire traffic as he did 3 lane change from right to left, One shot. Every vehicle behind him has stopped...

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5 hours 55 min ago

Up to yesterday I was a chatr client. I came to Mobicity for two reasons. 1 picture messaging, and extra gb for data. In fact, I was mid month. I signed up, and now feel hoodwinked.

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18 hours 42 min ago

For countless years, I've happily used Microsoft's "Windows" operating systems with great efficiency and relative ease.

However; lately I am very frustrated with what Windows has evolved...

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1 day 3 hours ago

You did an unauthorized download of windows 10 to my computer. I lost all files (doc. scans, photos, spreadsheets, plus all 3rd party software, not to mention Windows Office 2010. I have spent 4...

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1 day 6 hours ago

Said that i agreed to a years contract over the phone which is totally false. I agreed to look at the contract which the lady emailed me and i didn't sign and send back. Next thing i know i get a...

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1 day 7 hours ago
Yellow Pages Group

I just happened to be doing something at my desk & must have moved the mouse. This would normally bring up my sign in page. Imagine my surprise when a large blue colored "window". This window...

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Tailchasers Song19
1 day 21 hours ago



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