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For countless years, I've happily used Microsoft's "Windows" operating systems with great efficiency and relative ease.

However; lately I am very frustrated with what Windows has evolved...

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7 hours 58 min ago

You did an unauthorized download of windows 10 to my computer. I lost all files (doc. scans, photos, spreadsheets, plus all 3rd party software, not to mention Windows Office 2010. I have spent 4...

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10 hours 35 min ago

Said that i agreed to a years contract over the phone which is totally false. I agreed to look at the contract which the lady emailed me and i didn't sign and send back. Next thing i know i get a...

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11 hours 38 min ago
Yellow Pages Group

I just happened to be doing something at my desk & must have moved the mouse. This would normally bring up my sign in page. Imagine my surprise when a large blue colored "window". This window...

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Tailchasers Song19
1 day 2 hours ago

We bought furniture from stettler brick we were told the furniture would hold up with husband weight.well now there is a broken piece and it hasn't been fixed I would love to take it back and...

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1 day 5 hours ago
The Brick

Flt #changed the day before to #2042. Original seat paid for was 32B-you changed to 58G without my ok. I paid to have my one suitcase fwd directly to St. Louis. On april/28 I was scheduled to...

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2 days 3 hours ago

Time Share Cure Company,(TSC) (also The Cure Company),(also Donate Timeshares), of Torrance, California, promised and agreed to relieve my 80+ year-old parents from their interest and...

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2 days 10 hours ago

Hi, we are about to depart the Courtyard Marriott hotel in Halifax. The staff have been superb. We couldn't have asked for better. The whole place is clean, bright and really it has been a treat...

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Maryce Reeves
2 days 19 hours ago

I purchased a new TV on May 12/2016, my husband and I were excited to get ourselves a new smart tv so we went to the brick as we have shopped there for over 15 years. The sales rep Ken talked us...

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3 days 8 min ago



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