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We booked a full holiday package through Sunwing Vacations to Puerto Vallarta Mexico. We stayed at the Sunscape Resort and Spa (formerly The Holiday Inn). This resort was advertised as recently...

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35 min 27 sec ago

So my newly engaged gf and myself, just got a new job as managers of an apt, So we were moving in with zero stuff due to whatever reasons have happened in our lives. So we thought of easy home. So...

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1 hour 12 min ago

I completed my flight attendant training, two weeks out of 4. All my 5 theory exam grades plus all the log offs up and to termination date, were either above 85% and or successful. I was not given...

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2 hours 20 min ago

I booked an all inclusive dec 24 2015 and was to leave a month later jan 24 2016. that night the price went down $100.00 I was not notified by e-mail that the hotel was renovating the buffee...

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Vince Mcdonald
5 hours 43 min ago

I have been suspended twice now by the same modder filing complaints and threating to ban me off because I beat him at black ops 3, ur enforcement team sucks at checking their cases I want this...

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15 hours 33 min ago

this rep when I asked him to hold on went to the notepad where I copied and pasted out chat and deleted it, went to internet explorer and deleted the history and then went to restart quickly and...

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22 hours 17 min ago
Microsoft Corp

We had money taken out of our checking account and we do not know what for I would appreciate it if we could be removed from it. It was for 83.00 and I would greatly appreciate it if we could have...

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1 day 5 hours ago

I have been receiving unrequested advertising telling me how great the new version of Windows is. It will work with my smart phone and Xbox. - Except that I have neither a smart phone (mine is...

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Arthur Altman
1 day 6 hours ago
Arthur Altman

I was looking at my credit report and came across Verizon stating that on 2015 I was in collection for the months of Jan 2015, Feb, and on March paid/closed. I wasn't handling making payments on...

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1 day 18 hours ago



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