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When I switched accidently to the Windows 2010 found out that it was not compatible with my HP printer/scanner. I then proceeded to revert back to windows 7 and my computer crashed. I then had...

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15 hours 38 min ago

I dropped off 2 packages containing 4 bowling balls each to the UPS store in Martinsburg. They were preprinted labels printed directly from UPS. One box made it to the Women Championships in Las...

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15 hours 55 min ago

I enjoy driving my 2013 Honda Civic and have been well supported by my dealership. The problem is the lack of economy. I have never been close to the advertised 7.1 city as printed in your Driven...

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James Stewart
18 hours 28 min ago
Hamburg Honda

I purchased a sectional sofa from the Brick in Nov 2015. The delivery damaged our floor. They filled out a damage report and submitted it to their damage and repair department. They agreed to...

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18 hours 53 min ago

I had a package to be delivered to my house that required a signature. I got the first noticed which had the A) option checked requiring signature and it also said see back for more details. The...

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19 hours 53 min ago


I am thoroughly disgusted by what I believe is unprofessional conduct and misrepresentation. I was lied to, greatly inconvenienced, and left with the poorest experience I have had...

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20 hours 48 min ago

I ordered some merchandise online and it was shipped by UPS. I received the information from UPS on their website. It showed I was scheduled for a Wed. delivery, later moved to Thurs.. When I...

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22 hours 19 min ago

I contact Sunwing with regards to price adjustment. I asked to speak to the supervisor three weeks ago to date I haven't heard back from anyone. What type of customer service is this? Every...

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23 hours 42 min ago

Usual full blanket warranty paid for ,collapsed cushions 4yrs old , The Brick refused repair , cost was to high.They want to give my original $800 back towards a new couch and take the old 9/10...

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1 day 1 hour ago



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