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A employee in Niagara Falls store called me a liar than hung up on me. I cant believe how they can get away with this. I've never been treated so badly. I want to take some kind of action. If it...

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melissa hudson
14 hours 58 min ago

My husband and I purchased a new bed set. It was delivered last month in July and the head board and foot board were defective. They therefore had to take it back. We had already got rid of our...

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21 hours 58 min ago

renovated a family property spent $4,000 on all Frigidaire appliances when a tenant went to use the dishwasher for the first time it leaked water all over the place and caused damage to my...

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23 hours 20 min ago

After almost 11 years with virgin mobile my wife and I had our phones shut off for not topping up. We have auto top up but it was not done !! It took a while to turn it back on by what has to...

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1 day 21 min ago

I have a complaint regarding poor customer service, and in particular one of the security personnel working at the Fraser Highway store on the evening of Aug.23, 2015. I used to like shopping at...

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1 day 8 hours ago

My girlfriend owns a 2012 Ford Focus Titanium and the paint started lifting in 2 small spots on the lower edge of the hatch windshield this Spring. It was shown to our local Ford dealer who...

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The Broune
1 day 13 hours ago

In the last 6 months I've had to get a replacement for my NextBox 3 times and now I need to replace a 4th. . Each time I lose all the programs I had recorded and have to try and remember all the...

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1 day 17 hours ago

I went to purchase my pizza at donatos pizza last on noe bixbey to start off I had a coupon for five dollars off of twenty dollars purchase in the guy and the drive threw window was still trying...

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2 days 1 hour ago
Donatos Pizza

I have only been to two Blue Jays games in my life.

The first game was many years ago at the CNE stadium before the Rogers Centre was built. It was a sunny day and a couple of friends...

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3 days 14 hours ago



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