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We take an appointment for an oil change and it takes 2 hours. The point of taking an appointment is not to have to waits time. Would be nice if the staff would inform the customers if delays are...

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5 hours 48 min ago


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8 hours 31 min ago

My wife and I flew from Toronto to Cancun in January and paid for Elite service. There was very little leg room and didn't really notice until the flight home. That flight had ample leg room so on...

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12 hours 41 min ago

Just updating my experience here. Filed my original complaint here yesterday and I was redirected to someone by the name of Amy from UPS. Had a couple back n forth exchanges via email with her and...

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Sarah Siddiqui
1 day 7 hours ago

As of October 11, 2013 I paid (which I assumed and was confirmed by a Rogers representative) that my last bill was 210.00 before I moved from one address. They told me that it was CLOSED and had...

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Camille Mick Weir
1 day 11 hours ago

My husband and I booked and paid for Elite Plus tickets, with actual seats booked in row one for both flights from Toronto to Amsterdam. On the return trip home from Amsterdam on July 16th, we...

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1 day 12 hours ago

I have been a Loyal customer at Easy Home in Peterborough for more than 10 years. In that time I have never had any issues with the George Street Easy Home location.

Since the beginning of...

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1 day 12 hours ago

The 19 june 2016, I went to the Trudeau airport to leave a friend. Now, on my Visa credit card, 19 june, Air Canada took 100$, I don't know why, for Winnipeg, number 7242301571421. I never asked...

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Regine Tremblay
1 day 13 hours ago

I see I am not the first to make this complaint about a very poorly thought through policy of The Bay. I bought an expensive dress for my daughter for our upcoming trip. Store forgot to take off...

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1 day 13 hours ago



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