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I have a 2012 Honda civic SI HFP has a left rear broken shock do you think I can get one from you apparently not so I looked after market guess what no go again. so what do I do to get my car...

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M Picket
12 hours 39 min ago
Honda Canada Inc

I signed up my 12 year old travel soccer team for a tournament on mothers day weekend at a cost of $600. The money I used to register for the tournament is collected by each of the players on the...

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14 hours 40 min ago

I was asked to call about my account, which they have made a mess out of for the last number of months since I dropped our home phone service, and when I did call that number I got a bunch of snot...

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17 hours 43 min ago

I have an old-ish laptop, windows7. Microsoft forced the download of 5+ gigs of windows10 files that I didn't want or ask for. I live in a rural area where satellite internet is my only option. I...

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18 hours 41 min ago

Bought a new computer from Staples in Airdrie and was told to bring in my old computer and they would migrate everything from old pc to the new pc and came home and disconnected my old PC and...

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2 days 4 hours ago

Went to The Staples store on Albert Street in Regina to order file folders for our office. I have ordered them in the past. Was told they were no longer available. I had the item number. No...

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Roughrider Fan
2 days 7 hours ago

Computer will not turn on at all!
Do I bring it back to 1950 Meadowvale Blvd, Mississauga !
I purchased it on Feb 26, 2016
# 14594438661 is my order
Hope to hear back from...

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2 days 8 hours ago
Microsoft Canada

Still nothing said they will repair haha I want on Monday morning load this crap go to the newspaper and get them to come and take I carefully unload in front of the store.I am absolutely...

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2 days 15 hours ago

I paid for Windows 7, I was happy with windows 7. Windows 10 has been downloaded and installed on my computer without my permission. It has caused issues with my wireless Internet connection and...

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2 days 20 hours ago



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