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Date: Nov.28th ,2015

We would like to file a complaint to the weekend manager, whose first name Gabe. at Renton city / Seattle ( Washington state) at the address : 715 N Landing Way Renton...

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50 min 26 sec ago

LA Fitness location, 5550 N MacArthur Blvd
Irving, TX 75038. I saw the kids play area for the first time today, and I was shocked that how this "play area" is considered "safe". I can...

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8 hours 21 min ago
LA Fitness

I order a Christmas tree and the one that UPS delivered was from a different vendor. I called UPS and was told they did know know what happened to my tree and they did not know where the tree I...

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12 hours 27 min ago

UPS was supposed to delivery my insulin pump 11-27-15 it arrived in Charleston SC 11-26-2015 at 524am. My wife waited all day for the package and I came home from hospital to get my pump but it...

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1 day 11 min ago

My wife and I have been Rogers Wireless customers since 1996. Our 1st line was active in that year while our second was activated in 2003. Both lines are still in service until today. Approx one...

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1 day 6 hours ago

I've spent six months every year for the past seven in Nicaragua. I am vigilant about notifying my credit card companies before I travel. I almost exclusively use Chase Visa when in Nicaragua....

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1 day 7 hours ago
JP Morgan Chase

Wednesday I went to the Canadian Tire dealership on Rylander Ave in Toronto to change the tires to snows on my wife's car. I phoned the day before to make an appointment but was told that they...

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1 day 14 hours ago

In August this year (2015) I asked the Waterloo office of Commomwealth plywood for a quote on figured Anigre paper backed veneer.
After much ado and delay the quote was $ 160.00 per sheet,...

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Dutch's picture
2 days 3 hours ago

I needed to buy a bed and went to the brick to get one. I already had a mattress and since I was already going to be spending a lot of money on a new bed, I didn't want to spend any extra money on...

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2 days 6 hours ago



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