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Air Transat Headquarters $2500 spent zero recieved
We gave $2458.00 to the Canadian Automobile Association(CAA) travel agency in Orleans Ontario for a one week holiday with Air Transat Holidays. The holiday was to begin on the 7th of February, 2012. A week before the scheduled departure, I went to the travel agency to tell the agency that my wife had been told not to travel due to a severe medical condition that had just occured. Our doctor had suggested he could fill out a medical form to attest to the condition and the no-travel status. We had not requested travel medical insurance but thought we were covered by CAA in the event of cancellation. I had not yet picked up the tickets. On arriveing at the CAA office, the agent told me that we were not covered for trip cancellation and would have to accept the tickets even though we couldn't use them. I asked if we could then at least change the names on the tickets to other family members so that the trip would not be a complete loss. She contacted Air Transat Holidays who would apparetly not change the names. This was a week in advance of the trip as it was against their policy/agreemant. This seems very unfair on the part of Air Transat Holidays. I can understand a finacial penalty for a name change but to make our tickets completely invalid(as we couldn't travel) is really not fair. I also feel the CAA should have informed us that there was no coverage whatsover if we did not take suplementary trip insurance and that the tickets were non-transferable. I could have refused to accept the tickets but instead, in good faith, informed CAA that we were not pernitted to take the trip and requested them to appeal to Air Transat Holidays and take any measure they could to recover our costs including accepting a penalty, giving us a credit of some sort or hopefully, rescheduling. A day later CAA called us to say that there was nothing that could be done. Again, this seems very unfair.

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