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A few months ago I bought a new Civic EXL. The car is possibly the worst car I've ever owned, and I was once, many years ago, the proud owner of a Pinto!! The fact is, I do blame myself to a large degree. The car I traded was a 2007 Civic, and it was wonderful. Based on that, I didn't really spend enough time looking at my 2012 model, and a lot of things got by me. In no particular order: the finish of the interior is cheap and poorly put together; even with leather seats, it feels as if I'm sitting in a much cheaper car. The mileage is very poor. I realize of course that the numbers advertised are nowhere near the actual mileage, but the car is listed as being 1/2 a liter better per 100 km than my 2007, but in fact it's about 2 liters worse. That's something I could not have known at time of purchase. The eco mode, which is supposed to help the mileage, does nothing more than take away the little power the car has in the first place. Also there are 3 distinct rattles, which is something that never happened, even after 4 years, in my 2007. The list goes on, but I think you get the point. I've tried emailing just about everyone I can think of, with not so much as an acknowledgement.

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