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2 Weeks in AT&T Hell I lived in AT&T hell for two weeks. Tuesday, January 31. I could not get on the internet. I called AT&T Customer service. I was told that my service had been disconnected but there was no one there to help me call back in the morning. I had paid my bill in full the week before. Wednesday, February 1. Called AT&T Customer Service – Found out my service was cancelled and moved to another provider at 8:00 pm on Monday evening January 30. Customer service told me they would research where my service went and have it back on by Thursday, February 2. Customer service asked what service I had. I said I didn’t know. They set up another account for me with U-verse which ultimately I thought was a mistake Thursday, February 2, Still no service. Called AT&T again and had to go through the entire automated process. Getting increasingly angry. Customer service connected me with Ed in the port department. He promised to do some research and get m y number back. He found out that a company called Access Integrated Network had my phone number. He was trying to get it back. I have never heard of Access Integrated Network and have no idea how they were able to acquire my phone and internet service. He had me go through a 3rd party verification process to get my service back. (Why didn’t the other company have to do that when they fraudulently took my service?) I’ve had my number for 20 years and am not about to let it go. Friday, February 3. Still no service. Called AT&T customer service. Had to go through the entire automated protocol again!!! Getting increasingly angry. Customer service could not help me. My friends by this time started calling me on my cell phone because they were worried about me because they could not get through on my home phone number. During this time, I was able to call out, but the phone did not ring in. Saturday, February 4 – No service. I called the number that a rep gave me. It was out of service. I called the repair number on my bill. (again put through the hell of AT&T automated attendant). I spoke with someone who said they would do some checking and someone would call my by 12:00. No call back by Noon. I called again at about 2:00 when I got home from a meeting. Again put through the horrible automated attendant. Screamed at someone who put me on hold,. I was on hold for about an hour. I finally disconnected and called back. This was about 4:00. I finally spoke to a nice person who explained that I had been transferred to the porting department. And they were not working on Saturday. She said she would put an order in to repair. Monday, February 6. I got a call from a tech around 11:00. He was at my house and was reconnecting my phone service. He could not reconnect my DSL. He told me to call Customer Service and also to complain to the Public Service Commission to complain about the company that slammed me. He at least got my phone working. I called Customer Service and again went through the automated gate keeper., I begged someone to help me. Promised a call back and no one returned my call. Tuesday, February 7. I was determined to get my service back on. I called Customer Service at about 10:00. Again… your miserable automated attendant. Finally spoke to someone who I could not get to understand my problem or help me. I asked to be transferred to the Porting department because they seemed interested in helping me. The rep tried to get me there. She took my phone numbers and promised to call me back. She finally got me to someone and the phone line was immediately disconnected and no one called me back. I called again and once again went through your automated attendant. I was hysterical by this point. I spoke to someone and insisted on speaking with a manager. After holding for about 20 minutes I finally got a hold of a manager. He promised to help me. I was told that I had an appointment for U-verse installation on Wednesday, Feb 8 from 9-11. I told him that I did not want U-verse, that I wanted my original service back. He explained that DSL in my area had been discontinued. I asked why no one had explained that to me? He said he didn’t know. Was he lying? Could I have had my original service reconnected? He told me that a tech would be at my house on the 8th between 9 and 11. II arranged for a friend to open my house for me on Wednesday February 8. Wednesday, February 8, 2012. My friend arrived at my house at 9:00. At about 11:30 he called me at my office and said that AT&T had not arrived. He asked for a phone number. I pointed him in a direction. I asked if he had been in AT&T phone hell and he said yes. He finally reached someone who told him that my appointment was scheduled for Sunday, February 12 between 9 and 11. I had not agreed to a Sunday appointment. I had made arrangements for a Wednesday Feb 8 appointment. My friend wasted 4 hours at my home waiting for your tech to show up. I got a letter from AT&T expressing concern about my choice to move to a different provider. The letter also said that if my service had been moved by mistake, then I should contact them. All through this horrible ordeal I have been asking why they didn’t contact me and ask me why I was changing service. Friday, February 10 I got a letter from AT&T welcoming me. Once again… I have been an AT&T customer since June of 2011. I was not installing new service. THEY LET MY SERVICE BE CHANGED TO ANOTHER PROVIDER FRAUDULENTLY. Sunday February 12 – Their technician arrived at 8:45 am as planned. He worked until 11:30 trying to get my U-Verse account set up. He had a great deal of trouble getting my phone system to work. He did get my internet service up, but not my phone service. When he left my home at 11:30 he said my phone service would be up in an hour. He said they had to port my phone service from DSL. I tried my phone at 1:30, 2 hours later and still no service. I totally lost control when I spoke with a tier 2 tech support. I was told that their system was down and they could not look up my account. I was told my service would be back up in an hour. I called back at 3:00. Your systems were still not up and I was told to call back “in an hour or two”. At 4:45 I called tech support and talked with Don a rep. He told me that the AT&T system was back up. He could not find my account. He finally did but it had the wrong zip code on my address. He did some checking and told me that he had to close out my order and research who had my phone number. I told him that my number had been fraudulently taken 2 weeks ago. It was brought back a week ago. I told him that I had phone service this morning at 8:00 before the tech came out to install U-Verse. He said it would take 4-5 business days to get my phone system back on line. I started screaming at that point. I told him that was totally unacceptable. He said he would try to get it back within 1 business day since the phone number was with AT&T I picked up the phone to make another call out and the line was dead completely at 5:20. All this time I’ve been able to make calls out. Now I can’t even do that. The rep made it worse than it was. I had an appointment with AT&T for U-verse installation scheduled for February 8. As mentioned above the tech did not show up. I had another appointment for, February 12. As mentioned the tech did come and spent almost 3 hours at my home. I can’t understand why my number had to be ported from AT&T DSL to U-Verse and why it wasn’t done before the tech showed up or at least while he was here. I spoke with a representative at 6:20. She said that my phone service order had been dropped from my U-verse order. They were trying to do a work around by bringing up a POTS service with my number. She was very nice and trying to help me. But I can’t wait another 5 days to get my phone service back up. This is ridiculous. I can’t understand why it would take 5 days to port my phone number from one AT&T product to another. Customer service keeps telling me that U-verse is part of AT&T. I called tech support at 866-845-7902 again at about 6:30. I spoke to another rep who told me she would try to figure out what was going on and call me back. At 7:20 pm no call back from Andrea and no dial tone. 8:55 No call back, no dial tone. Monday, February 13 1:55 a.m. No dial tone. No one working at Level 2 tech support 11:30 a.m I called AT&T. I was told that there is an order in to port my phone number from AT&T land to AT&T U-Verse with an installation date of Friday, February 17. I indicated that this was not acceptable. The representative told me that my problem had been escalated. She said that my order had not been closed out and it was “stuck” in the AT&T system. She said that my phone service could be active as early as tomorrow, February 14. I was told to expect a call back within the hour with status. At about 1:00 a rep called. He said he put in a request for AT&T land to release my phone number to AT&T U-verse. When I explained that I had no phone service at home he said he would try to assign me a new number temporarily so I would have service. I said that was ridiculous because my phone number was available and just sitting there waiting to be reactivated. I keep being told that U-Verse is part of AT&T, however AT&T does not act like it. I told the rep that I had gone over my minutes with my cell phone and that AT&T should absorb that cost. I also told him that I should not be charged for the last 2 weeks. Asan said I would not be charged for phone service until I get it back up and running. I told him I expected a call with status back by the end of the day. 1:20 The rep connected me with someone in AT&T Customer Relations. He said he knows my order will go through. I went through the whole horrible story of frustration with him. He said he would send a tech out to my home to try to connect a land line so I could have land service. He gave me a number for the phone repair service.. He said that a tech would try to get my phone service on via the land line. He said that porting my number to U-verse would take place no later than Friday, February 17. Again I told him that was not acceptable. 6:00 arrived at home and found a note on my door that indicated a tech had been there at 3:45. The note said that U-Verse was working fine. No problems found. I went in the house and no dial tone. No phone service. I started up my computer and found that my internet (via U-Verse) was working. That is one small thing. I called U-Verse customer service with my work cell phone. The rep looked up my account. She said that my phone service would be activated the next day (February 14.). She said I would get a call back about the activation. Tuesday, February 14, 2012 6:00 a.m. I have a dial tone on my phone. At about 1:00 pm I got a call from a U-Verse representative to tell me my phone service was back up and running. I called my home and got my answering machine. So it appears that my phone works again. I’m relieved, to have service again, but still not happy with what has transpired over the last two weeks. I suspect the next step will be fighting over bills. I anticipate that billing will be messed up and confusing. No where within this ordeal has anyone explained costs for U-Verse. I have no idea what to expect. I don’t know what the monthly charges will be. I don’t know if I’ll be charged for equipment. I’m prepared to fight further if necessary., Thursday, February 16. I got a call (automated) explaining that my first bill may be higher because of partial month charges and installation charges. I did not cancel my service with AT&T. It took two weeks for AT&T to get my phone and internet service back. I will dispute any installation charges that are sent to me. This has been a complete nightmare. I normally can deal with stress, but this is completely insane. Rebecca S. Gregory ------------------------ Location being griped about: AT&T 1380 Atlantic Drive Northwest Atlanta, GA United States

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