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@Koodo MobileOn May 12, I had the forethought of getting a new phone from Koodo Mobile which I later regretted the decision. On May 14, because of my burdening finances, I decided to refuse the phone when the mail carrier delivered on that day. Then it was shipped back to Koodo in Mississauga, Ontario, and delivered on May 22nd at 10:11 in the morning, Since then, I have tried contacting them to cancel the order placed with them. I am sick and tired of being jerked around by beaurocrats who think they know better. If I have to retain a lawyer over this, the are gonna be sorry.
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Worst customer experience in my life! We've had multiple (4) internet issues within a month. While on call with Bell escalated to a "superior" level 2 agent, the agent recommended they do a "firmware update" and said that this should've been done by Bell initially. The update would bring down our internet, in order to prevent disruption to anyone using the internet, I needed to confirm with them on this temporary disruption. While waiting on confirmation (1 min), I asked the agent why this wasn't done before. He got really pissed and said either he does the update NOW or call back later. I told him that I was not blaming anyone, just asking out of curiosity while waiting on confirmation to do an update. He wasn't having it, in an angry tone he said "either we do an update NOW or don't waste my time". Instead of getting pissed (which I actually was to that response), I just said that no one wants to waste anyones time...before I could finish he already hungup! @Bell Media Headquarters
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@Pizza Pizza - Head Office This is about an unprofessional encounter at 2760 Derry Road West, Mississauga outlet. I ordered a Pizza (employee number 8201) and was in the process of paying when he disappeared. I paid in an empty counter through my credit card. When I saw him again, I asked him to make the pizza garlic based. He said that it is already done. Puzzled, I asked him how could he start making the pizza even before he handed me the receipt in and have final words. I suggested that he should not do such things next time and stay with the customer until the receipt is handed over and have final word. At this point, one guy (whose is a pizza delivery guy) stepped in and insisted that he was right and he does not need me to buy from Pizza Pizza at all if I have a problem. This is completely unprofessional and customer harassment. These guys should either be trained properly or taken off the customer service desk. I do not plan to go back to Pizza Pizza.
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@Walmart Supercenter i returned an emergency car kit today that i had purchased on the 10th. I had the receipt. When checking my return the employee noticed an item missing. A cheap flash light. I returnes to the trunk of my car to retrieve it... not realizing it wasnt in the kit. Put it back in and went back to the customer service desk. The associate processed my return, but informed me that i was here bu banned from the store. No reason given. I shop at Walmart 3-5 times a week and spend A LOT of money at this particular store. This employee was rude and the ban was uncalled for and wrong. I didn't argue or cause a scene, but instead took my cash($25) for my return and left
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@WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab St. Petersburg If you reside in the St. Petersburg, Florida area, you have the opportunity to meet with a compassionate and supportive WhiteSands Treatment St. Petersburg specialist who can help answer your questions and concerns, as well as provide guidance, when seeking help. Our representatives are a knowledgeable and valuable resource for those looking for drug and alcohol treatment as to facilitate a smooth and seamless transition into rehab. Our St. Petersburg location provides outpatient treatment, and we have a nearby 10 acre campus facility that provides very comfortable inpatient treatment. Please see our website for more information on inpatient services and amenities.
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@Diamond Decks Diamond Decks has over 30 years of combined experience in designing and constructing residential and commercial projects. Our goal is to satisfy Texas homeowners with creative ideas and custom designs. We do this by surrounding ourselves with the most creative team of honest, hardworking tradesman.
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@RBR Machine
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@AliExpress I recently ordered KN95 masks. Masks sent to me were different from those shown in picture. I requested for a partial refund. AE sided with seller and asked me to ship goods back. 2 days later my account gets deactivated. I am not told reason. I cannot chat on customer service and I am not allowed to raise a dispute on fraudulent orders. Right now $550 worth of products are stuck and pending delivery. 3 of them have completed their protection time and I have not received anything. Another product of $200 has not been shipped by seller and he has asked me to raise dispute so he can refund me. But I cannot dispute. So much of my hard earned money is going wasted. Can someone from Ali Express please help? I raised appeal three times and I am turned down repeatedly. I swear I did not do anything wrong. If I did, I want to know exactly what?
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@Pizza Pizza you debited my account for an order that you called me to pay for. While asking me to pay again, another agent left a vm saying store declined to deliver and my money would be refunded by 5am- no deposit, 4 days later. I am now without my refund, no delivery and am unable fill a prescription that was just written to me. I have since been informed by a friend who works at local location that the restaurant refused to deliver since last time they delivered it was a comped order gy customer service, who failed to stipulate it was contactless and so the delivery driver was annoyed for no tip being added. This is a total mess, started by you and your failing systems and prejudice against customers who call you out for poor service and totally shot commitments. I have requested a trace from BMO to show I was, who debited me and that there is no refund. I have explained to health board and pharmacy why I just remain uneducated and have reached out to Media. This is NOT acceptable
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@Zip Locksmith Zip Locksmith is a family owned locksmith company with a history of total customer satisfaction and strong community bonds. Get immediate professional help when you need to repair locks, replace locks, rekey, or just unlock your vehicle, home or workplace. We perform expert residential, commercial and auto locksmith services and are always minutes away from you. All of our technicians are licensed, certified, insured and bonded. We also offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services at the most competitive prices. You don't have to wait hours to get back on your property when you can count on the best locksmith experts in your community. Give Zip Locksmith a call and get immediate assistance today!
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@Los Angeles ageofrock advertises and depicts leather goods, e.g. jackets and belts. Instead of leather you get a cotton jacket, with poor stitching and with badges and a fleece lining that weren't shown or described on the web. The belt, described as 'cow split leather' is, in fact, plastic. The true value of the goods is less than half the amount you pay. When you complain, they offer to let you keep the goods for half price. When you return the unwanted goods, they refuse to refund your postage costs. This is the worst case of misrepresented goods I've ever seen. Don't get ripped off - avoid Age of Rock and spread the word!
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@Walmart Supercenter Harassment by employees and police/security harrassment and grabbing me. For the last 30 minutes of the store closing (I entered before that) a woman would make "count down announcements" every 5 minutes as a "warning" to its customer in the store the stop working at 8pm. A 7 min count down was announce and a lady helping a couple at the fabric counter called to someone to have security. I was would not let me check out at this point because it was 8:00 and they were closed; although they allowed a policed officer and the people on line infront of me were serve as well as the people afterwards. I have video of the entire harassment even when your security called the Atlanta PD and he began to grab me a 5'2 110lb woman and pulling me out of the store. I asked why are there doing this, his response was he doesn't know the security asked him to remove me from line and escort, by force, me out. I have severe anxiety, and had a panic attack while this was happening.
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@Brick We have been asking to replace mattress that has a defect. The springs touch my back. We have sent documents and pictures several times and they keep on asking for same documents over and over again. The warranty will soon be over end of May 2020,so we believe that's what's happening they are waiting for warranty to be over, but we have been asking from maybe 2-3 months after we bought this new mattress, but obviously it's defective. It's almost now 3" deep . Please fix this matter as soon as possible. Either send us a new one and we could throw this in garbage or refund our money back and we will purchase another one somewhere else. Thank you File # REGIE12561LT 5626587 WE HAVE BEEN SPEAKING TO LOUISE BOULIANNE, she doesn't understand. It's like she's accusing us of pressing the mattress, which isn't the case. We told her to send someone, she just keeps asking the same thing that its supposed to be more than 1 1/2' but its almost 3" so don't understand
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@AliExpress I got a bad motherboard. It doesn't work, it's stuck on inital screen. I asked seller and waited days. Anything happened. I opened a dispute, prooved the problem. Dispute result was total refund to me with seller paying for return shipping. After dispute ended, seller just informed address and gone, he didn't leave shipping label or instructions to return. He doesn't read my messages anymore. I opened ticket in customer care. They told me they'd contact seller for return shipping. It passed 2 weeks and had no answer from them. Had to open other ticket, but meanwhile China Post Office stopped receiving packages from Brazil, and when I contacted them again, they suddenly changed their treatment. They started telling me that I had to return the product and only then I'd be refunded. I had to open an appeal, but since then I can't answer higher level. Their e-mail box is always full and I have to open other appeal everytime. Every appeal I get diferent answer for same problem!
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@Bloomex Flowers Toronto order number 2600872 Ordered flowers on Apr 13 to be delivered Apr 14th, got call Apr 14th stating the processing place is closed and flowers will be delivered on the 15th. However my mom did receive other flowers from Bloomex on the 14th so what was closed. the 15th no flowers were delivered. When they did arrive on the 16th they were basically dead and nothing like what I ordered. I have pictures to prove it. On line chat no help, customer service number no help. Been waiting for 2 days now to have manager call me back per discussion with customer service. I do not want store credit nor do I want new flowers or basket sent as the event has come and gone. Cannot find any phone number to call HO to discuss this. My phone number is on file with the order.
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@10069 Illinois St
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@Pizza Pizza in the past 2 weeks I walked in queen location got a panzorotti and it was doughy plus hardly no pepperoni or Cheese was like eating a dough bread I couldn't pay cash they asked for debit but lady finally took they gave no knapkins. I find they are getting less helpful they want you money and that's all they care about.
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@Shoppers Drug Mart Headquarters Me and my daughter went to the location in Petawawa,Ontario last week to look at a camera for her birthday. As we were entering the store a staff member very rudely said 2 people from the same house can't go in at the same time. I explained why we were there and they didn't care. Meanwhile my daughter who has anxiety was in tears becoming of this. They lost a $600 plus tax sale that day. My husband went today to buy something. He had a question about the product he was going to ask the pharmacist about. He had 2 boxes of different brands in his hands and a staff member came up to him and very rudely said are you buying that. We have a policy customers have to buy every thing they touch. He left and didn't buy anything. He is a Millionaire Vet with PTSD and depression. People talking to him that wsy don't help. We spend hundreds of dollars month thete as well as our prescriptions. We are going to transfer all our prescriptions and never shop there
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