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@MediaMarkt Amsterdam Delivery persons are highly trained for giving illogical excuses. 1st they said they can't enter the house because the passage is not clear but when I asked them to enter from backyard they said 'No' we will enter from the front door only and they did. Then they said we can't lift the delivery till the 1st floor because the stairs are too small and it is more than 150 kg but when I checked specification it said weight is 73 kg. They said if we will hurt ourselves then who will feed our children. In Netherlands the houses and every part of it have standard construction size and patterns so this is again a irrational excuse. They left the delivery in the ground floor. Pathetic service MediaMart must not hire them for any delivery service!
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@Aliexpress I ordered 33 items from a seller in Aliexpress. After payment successful it shows status - closed. I don't know what happens. Please refund my money or give my orders. Order Id- **********768044 mail id- ************@*****.***
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@Amazon I recently received an email saying my account was locked. I called in and the representatives said it was being investigated. I complete all their instructions and waited to hear back from them within 24 hours. It was 72 hours later that I was notified my account was closed due to attempts to use invalid gift cards because my account was hacked. I've tried contacting them multiple times with no one able to help me. I have over $100 in gift card balance on my account and no longer have access to the 20 movies and 50 audiobooks on my account. It is not right that I have these items stolen from me and would like to get them back to me ASAP. Thank you,
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@Amazon Seller ServicesI have purchased a bedside table from Amazon site . The seller is Shagun arts and this item is seller fulfilled item. This item was damaged and drawers were hanging so I didn't like it and returned it . Price of this item is 6000/- RS and when I returned this item I have got refund of RS 1524 /- only.I have mailed and contact customer care dep of Amazon but they said that we can't help you. We are cheated by the fraud shopkeeper and there is nobody to help.
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@Aliexpress Product ordered. Wong Product delivered. The seller accepted Fault and asked me to initiate a dispute to get a refund, but despite I create dispute under category Refund, but no return their dispute team is asking me to re-ship when re-shipping is expensive than the product cost. This is aliexpress policy if the item not as described Refund w/o return. Now the issue is chatting support incompetent and there is no email escalation available.
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Helen Zhang
@Shoppers Drug Mart walked into a Shoppers yesterday getting a Nintendo Switch for my husband. I was inquiring a cashier lady about it. She is giving me a dirty look and rejected getting me one. She is accusing me being a 'retailer' that stack up their products and take advantage of their reward program. She speaks in a terrible attitude and she actually said to me 'I don't care if you are waiting here u TIL midnight or speaking to a manager. Either way we are not selling you a Nintendo switch because you will be selling them online to make profits out of it. I told her she might have mistaken me as somebody else and she insists it was me. I asked to speak to a manager and I ask him to pull out my profile to proof me. Manager refused taking my information from the mobile app he said I need to have the actual card with me and he walked away on me not taking me seriously. I filed a complaint to customer service and they didn't get back to me
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@Shoppers Drug Mart Headquarters While asleep last night at 2:20 am my phone rang . Not only did it startle me but caused panic as only in an emergency does my phone ring at that hour. It was a call from Shoppers drug mart soliciting services. Needless to say I.m more than a bit upset.
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I was on short visit to India from Toronto to attend wedding functions. Left Toronto on 14-Nov '19 by @Emirates Airline. Arrived B'lore on 16th morning at 3:00 AM. Both of my checked-in baggage (#2) not delivered at Bangalore airport. I missed 16-Nov evening function because my personal clothing & gifts were in the same baggage and there was no time to go for shopping. I had to travel another city in India on 17-Nov morning to attend some function but missed the flights since my baggage not delivered though Emirates staff confirmed the delivery at 3 AM on 17-Nov. This delay resulted me in financial loss as I had to cancel several non-refundable air tickets (for domestic travel to attend family and friend’s functions). Had to miss most of the functions, which caused me a great deal of anguish. My parents & I suffered harassment and acute mental tension throughout this tour. This trip was complete fiasco - loss of leaves, money, mental trauma & missed functions.
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@Aliexpress sold me fake item and I was not given my full refund as I should have as I gave all the evidence that proved the item was not as described and the seller conned me. The company still refused to give me my full refund
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@WebSuitable We’re a growth-focused ROI driven online marketing agency. We know how to drive traffic, convert sales & do it at scale profitably! A world-class army of digital strategists, direct response marketers, designers, growth hackers & developers banned together to help you reach your growth goals.
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@Molson Canada I' m a loyal customer, only drink Molson Canadian. I went out, in the cold weather, to get a case of beer. I bought the case of beer, put in my cart to wheel home. Your bottled beer, is the best but heavy to carry. I got home and was disappointed, to find a broken bottle. I felt the box it was dry and the bottle still had the cap on it.
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@LA Fitness Headquarters I joined Lafitness on Oct 30, 2019. Unfortunately due to medical issues, I wanted to cancel my membership and get a refund. I was 1 day passsed the refund date, and no exemption was made. Lafitnesd only care about their profits and not their customers health!!! I was offered a 6 month freeze on my membership instead. What a horrible policy for being 1 day passed the refund date.
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@Shaw Communications - Headquarters I want your WiFi. Mobile repeaters removed from my property immediately. Including rf amplification systems you placed illegally. Your associates for transmitting wireless power systems to amplify this (W.P. Telectronics (Alta) Ltd.) are under contract with you and have illegally entered my property to establish this system.
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@The Brick Head Office Hi! We have purchased this sectional and came with thread flaws . Some of them are just loose ends that you can trim off and fix, but others have actually irreparable thread damage. In conversations with the local store here in Canmore Alberta I've been told this can be considered expected occurrence and I agree the loose ends can be but not the irreparable material damage or the failed stitching. Its been days and I'm not expecting a return by now, but I am really hoping some sort of small proportional refund, store credit, or any similar compensation you can work out please. Thanks, Diana Michaud
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@The Brick Head Office the absolute worst customer service and professionalism I have ever witnessed. Bought a washer and dryer Sunday, received call and text that it will be delivered Tuesday 9:45-12:45 on Tuesday morning at 9:00am I got a call from the driver stating it will not be delivered until 3-6 pm as it did not fit on the truck... too bad they don’t have anyone who measures and loads these items first (kind of like a warehouse employee or manager) while I am at work. Have a 6 month old baby with no washer and dryer as I was told to disconnect the night before to have ready for removal and no matter who I speak with they cannot help me in anyway at all. This company is a joke and there customer service makes me sick and the kicker is when I ever try to call head office the automated says “we are busy with other customers call back later” and hangs up. Even there automated service is bullshit.
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@WestJet Headquarters We arrived at 8:30am for our 10:30am flight out of the YYC airport. We realized the security line was out to the main doors of the airport, something I had never seen travelling over the holidays. It took us close to an hour and a half to get through security, then we proceeded to RUN to our gate. When we arrived (with close to 15 other passengers in the same position as us) we could see the plane but were told that it left. The gate attendant proceeded to tell us "we had the option to hold the plane but chose not to". We were told to go to customer service and work it out there. The attendant told us that this issue was our fault not west jets and that we would be charged $1,787.00 for a one way ticket home. MORE then what I originally paid for a round trip ticket. I had to pay but called west jet customer service to see if anything could be done. I told my story and was told "ma'am if you were on time you'd be on the plane". Awful service
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