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Worst possible experience with IT company! Contacted this company to help us with IT issues. They were confident they could help, but when actually attempting to resolve our issues they created more problems plus 'accidentally' sent our confidential information via email. When confronted about this, they ignored ALL my concerns. Finally I was fedup with no proper communication (even after providing multiple emails with detailed break down of concerns) and wasting my time for a week I decided that I no longer want to work with this dysfunctional company. I then get a call from the founder NATHAN ZYCH. Hoping he would be able help I tried to explain the entire issue, but he kept interrupting me. I had realized that the founder himself doesn't care enough about the customer, so I said its best we just discontinue working together. At which point he said he wants to invoice me for time that his team spent creating more issues!! @Outsource IT Computing Inc IT Services & Support
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John Peterson
We purchased a GE refrigerator through GE in 2016. It worked fine but then after a year or so water was on floor underneath. I cleaned out water but didn't know why it leaked. Since that time I've had same thing happen two times a year or so. We had a GE repairman here a year ago and he replaced a fan inside. Same leak has occurred two times since and I don't think I should pay for a design flaw. I want it replaced. I have contacted GE and sent a dozen messages and have just received no real response, I was told that my complaint had been put in a sort of dead letter file because I had not responded. I have copies of the twelve messages I sent to them which refutes their claim. I do not want to keep cleaning up their messes.
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@AliExpress I created a dispute for Order No: **********328563 on 5.07.2020 and explained why I requested refund. I purchased the product because estimated delivery time was 23 days. It was not written 23 days up to 3 months. I experienced several problems with that order. Firstly the carrier service cancelled the order without letting seller know. When I notice I contacted with seller and seller told that shipping company upgraded the delivery. However still not delivered in 2,5 months while I was expecting it in 23 days. Consignee is my customer and requested refund from me the day I created that dispute and I refunded immediately as it was too late. Even though I explained all these on the dispute I received a message tells me wait 10 days. I have waited even though I do not need the order then I wrote another message and asked for refund again after 10 days. It's been 1 month since I create the dispute but still did not get a solution. They assigned a robot to judge the dispute.
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@H3 Paint Interior & Exterior Custom Painting We offer a wide variety of design and painting services. We have backgrounds in interior and architectural design, construction, art, and green studies. We are passionate about what we do and strive to offer our clients quality work, environmentally friendly options, and creative color solutions.
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@Andrew Chevrolet Long story short. I purchased a 2020 Chevy Trax, Redline edition. Beautiful black on black, with red lines on the rims. Traded in a vehicle, they gave me $3500 and I had to pay start up fees of $630 out of pocket, plus my lease was for 39 months. My best friend is in sales and owns a business, so he thought I got a bad deal, so he called them and asked for the exact vehicle I purchased, but he asked them for a 36month lease, he would put down $3500 and he wanted no start up fees and his payments under $200 a month. The salesman agreed to the deal, we went up there and he verbally agreed to the deal again and even told my friend that they just sold the exact vehicle on saturday (to me). I walked in and the dealships mood completely changed when they realized that they got caught giving him one deal and me a higher one. They immediately told us to leave and even went as far as telling my friend he had short mans syndrome.
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@Pizza Pizza i ordered a pizza and told them to leave it at door and dont to knock or call because a 2 year old is sleeping. So after almost 40 minutes of oredering i went out to pick up the pizza but i found that my box was tampered and half of it is gone. If someone wants to steal it so why not the entire box only half pizza . Seal is intact on the box but it was opened from side by tearing the box.
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@The Brick Head Office , i purchased couple of appliances on the 5th of June and i asked those to be delivered on the 7th of July to our new home. More than one month now and we have not received our appliances. Despite, we have contacted bricks customer service, to let them know that we have 2 babies and the fridge is essential as we have to keep there milk but no one has provided a resolution. As today's date the fridge or a solution was not delievered by bricks. This is inhumane. 2 innocent babies have to suffer because of Bricks.
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@Walmart Supercenter I took my sis shopping 2 weeks ago at my local Walmart in Oak Park Heights, MN. We spent over an hour shopping,over 70 items between us. I scanned all our groceries at self checkout (like I always do) & paid $120. While walking out the door, 2 young (teenage) employees stopped us, 1 stood in front of my cart while pushing it backwards into me Yelling at me "I got you, I got you, I was watching you the whole time, I saw you!!" I said saw me what?? Pay for my items? & Gave her my receipt. She grabbed 1 item (a $1.99 drink) from the basket I somehow missed totally on accident, made a scene calling me a thief!! I offered to pay. she Refused , said I'm going to jail for theft! She took some items out my bags, checked receipt & set on DIRTY FLOOR BY DOOR,DURING COVID!! I left with my $120 in groceries,took my receipt back. She called police, gave my plate #.. police came to my home, I showed my receipt & bags in my car! cop said he'd letme know IF he files charges
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@easyhome Headquarters i Will continue my story. So then mishila told me she had my first order that she told me was not approuved. So i gave her the New less expressive order. She told me ok that she Will call me tomarrow. A week passes, and an offert is sent to me by Gmail. So i wrote back to cancel my order and to not sent me no more offerts that There services was really poor. The Méen while m'y wife ahe was accepted and was going to pay her first payement. And IT was the same person that replied to me and called me to know what happens and that je would take care of the problème. Si the Guy told me that its not possible to have 2 account at the same adresse, and that the lady had no right to Tell me i had bad crédit and that i couldnt get IT because if that. Si je told me that je would add IT to m'y wifes order. So we went and payed and signed papers. So today i get a message and m'y wife too. Saying that i could cancel m'y order and hers, when im not even on her Contract. So i to
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@Image Lift: Rich Castellano, MD Rich Castellano, M.D. is an experienced board-certified ****** plastic surgeon whose specialties include the latest laser and filler techniques. He has performed over 10,000 cosmetic procedures of the face and neck, making him one of the most experienced ****** plastic surgeons in the U.S. today.
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@Pizza Pizza - Head Office Location Stirling Ontario : Owner came to give me slices instead of the girl who was working in a mask and gloves. He did not have a mask or gloves. He touched my slices with his bare hands and stacked them on top of each other and shoved them in a bag before and seasonings could be added and making the cheese stick to the other slice. I had to leave the slices there because of the germs covid 19 that could be on them. I have had things similar happen at this location. The owner is very rude and charges extra for anything he feels like. He yells at and charges the employees(usually a 16 yr old girl) for any customer complaints or food that was uneatable and left due to his negligence. The girls always do their job correct but if they give any customer satisfaction service they are publicly reprimanded. I will never go to this location again and fear for he health and safety of the public due to covid and the employees due to his abuse.
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@The Brick Head Office My fridge died in May I called the Brick because I had an extended warranty with them. It took 3 weeks for them to tell me they were not going to fix it because it was a lemon. They told me they would replace it. That was a lie. Apparently this model is no longer made so they said I could have the model up but would have to pay the difference which is basically what I originally paid for the fridge. After getting nowhere arguing with them I agreed to pay the difference. After I did that they then informed me I would not get my new fridge until 2021. Apparently they are made in Mexico and the plant is closed due to Covid. So I complained that I could not go until next year without a fridge. They refused to give me a loaner and instead gave me a mini fridge which arrived today and is supposed to hold me over until next year. How can this be called service?
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@Pennington's i was at penningtons trying to exchange pants when i inquired about the change rooms being closed, the manager after trying to have a conversation the manager got angry and a tarted raising her voice at me from across the store it was the most embarrassing awful in store experience i have ever had
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@Green Leaf Air At Green Leaf Air we using only the most advanced cutting-edge equipment and tools available in the industry, Senica's qualified team of technicians perform exhaustive diagnostic assessments, high-performance installations, reliable repair and preventative maintenance to all types of HVAC appliances.
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@The Brick Head Office Completely ripped off. I bought a dishwasher with the extended warranty 5 years ago. I have had problems with it ever since. The Brick has attempted to repair it several times while making matters worse. Different repair people come in and do more damage to the dishwasher. It's now crooked, leaks and doesn't work. The last time I contacted them I said verbatim "The warranty is about to expire on this thing, you want to fix it again and that means it won't work in 2 months conveniently when I'm outside of my warranty. I need a better solution than just fixing it. Well, in came the repair guy. 2 months later and 1 month outside of the warranty the dishwasher doesn't work. I asked for a replacement because I didn't trust you guys and I was right. "There's Nothing We can do, it's out of warranty". So when I was in warranty I predicted exactly what your scam would be and of course it happened. Take responsibility!
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River City Golf Carts
@River City Golf Carts RCGC is a locally owned, grown, and operated business serving the needs of golf cart customers in Tappahannock, Northern Neck Virginia, and beyond. Ours is a journey that begins almost 25 years ago when Tom Minters started what was then Minters Golf Cart Sales.
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@Higgason Construction Higgason Construction is a fully licensed and bonded general contractor and we are proud to provide a range of home remodeling services to residents of Sammamish, Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Mercer Island, Newcastle, Kirkland, and the surrounding areas.
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