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@Behrens Contractors BEWARE OF BEHRENS CONTRACTORS After providing insulation, I asked for a receipt. Dave Behrens said he would send me one next week. Three weeks later I called him and again said I needed a receipt for tax refunds. He said his truck broke down but he would drop one off that Saturday. That was another three weeks ago. Although I paid in cash for his services, he has refused to provide proof of service with a customary receipt. If you cannot trust a contractor for a receipt then I guess he is just not trustworthy. I strongly suggest that you use another more reliable and dependable contractor! Tony Raymond 973 Circle Drive Baltimore, MD 21227
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@Aliexpress I bought the Dreame D9 robot from the TookFun Appliance Store (order **********403383). Has problems with navigation and mapping since the beginning. I opened a dispute where I reported these problems. The resolution of AliExpress, accepting the seller's proposal, would be to send the robot to China. I bought the robot from a European warehouse and this proposal does not make sense to me because I would have to pay a large amount of postage, would take a long time and would be in danger of paying customs clearance fees and that is why I did not do it. The seller and the manufacturer assured the problems would be solved with the 1072 firmware. I did the firmware update but after a few weeks I had the same problems again: the dock appears in the wrong place and the robot tries to pass through walls to reach the dock; Damaged / rotated map; I asked Dreame for help and they dont respond, same for the store and AliExpress itself. This video proves it:
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@A & A Auto Recycling
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@HomeServe My indoor plumber came to my house because thhe sewer drain in the basement was stopped up. He cleared the house, his job not Homeserve's. But something remained blocking the sewer OUTSIDE THE HOUSE ON MY PROPERTY TO THE STREET (Homeserve). He then ran an investigative augur and a cutter, in case there were roots; "My company has been augering out this building's sewer (my home) for years...I..get stuck approx. 20 ft. from house. We pull back some roots but also mud and scratches the cutter ...strongly indicating a broken sewer...In my professional opinion outside line needs to be camera(ed)!" Homeserve's customer service rep refused to honor thewarranty contract saying I didn't have standing sewage in my basement. Of course that was b/c my INDOOR plumber came. I repeated wording in the contract to her. She said someone would call me. She refused to let me speak to her manager saying he'd call me "later", said service would also call. I want the camera and repair!
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@Scandinavia Inc.
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@Wilco Fast Break
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@A Perfect Dress
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@Gardner Hotel
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@James J. Burke Esq
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@Miles Interiors
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@Car Steering Inc
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@Bloomsburg Floral
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@Elkus & Sisson, P.C.
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@Smith Iron Works
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@Detroit Tees-2
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@Tanglewood Rd BEWARE OF JOE SHRYOCK of TANGLEWOOD ROAD LLC He charged me for work not completed, then abandoned me. In January 2019, I went to the Home Depot for electrical problems. They referred me to Joe of Tanglewood LLC. On January 25, he said he fixed my bathroom heater, and charged me $275. His repair lasted for eight minutes, and one shower. He was supposed to do additional work, but said he had another job to do, and he would call me. He left some of his repair supplies with me. I waited until February 27, and spoke with Gary at Pro Referral. Gary called Joe. Joe called me and said he would do research on my heater on his lunch hour. I have never spoken with him since then. He has refused to contact me to complete his "repairs" or to provide a complete refund. Joe deserted and abandoned me, and took money for the repairs he did not do. I am making official complaints to the Home Improvement Commissioner so others will not be deceived by his fraudulent behavior. I suggest
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@CC's of Rome LLC
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@Arguello Salon
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