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Heres what I got from a UPS insider folks. This company gives zero f**** about you or your item. They are heavily scripted and will continue to follow procedures to no avail. Hey, atleast they...

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Sarah Siddiqui
49 min 55 sec ago

The problem is your customer "service" department, a funny name for NO SERVICE!! I went to Varadero , Cuba, Club Kawama on Feb. 17 - Mar. 2/2016, a TWO week vacation. I have a Mobility walker...

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2 hours 32 min ago

Not able to reset OS X password: Whenever you retyping your password, be carefully, and check at least twice to make sure that you just typed it correctly, you will need use your OS X install disk...

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3 hours 39 min ago

I moved to Miami from Toronto a year ago and I had my parents ship out a total of 6 boxes I had packed with my personal belongings in it. Thet made it all the way down south with no issues. The...

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Sarah Siddiqui
6 hours 12 sec ago

I purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator in November 2014. Three refrigerators had to be delivered before 1 actually got cold! Less than 2 weeks later, my third refrigerator in 9 days stopped...

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22 hours 53 min ago

I have been trying to cancel my membership for the last 3 month since i had my twins, i have gone in to cancel and i have called specifically to that location to speak to the billing lady to...

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1 day 2 hours ago


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1 day 10 hours ago

Appalled with lack of accountability and reachability by Air Transat to find the luggage they lost! Arrived in Barcelona from Toronto on July 23. Suitcase did not arrive with us. There was no...

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1 day 11 hours ago
Air Transat


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