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@Tips Toes & Bows
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@Three Oaks Wine & Spirits
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@3 Boys From Italy
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@Animal Crackers Feed & Pet Supply
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@Butte Jokers Wild Bar & Casino
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@Frederick Drilling Co & Sons, Inc.
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@Esso Wanted to open the CLOSED DOWN (years?) CARWASH, better than a storage depot, eh ? Asked the owner for the EMAIL of owner, in order to open CARWASH for SUMMER !!! Manager (woman) asked, “WHY do you want to open the CARWASH” ? I felt like replying, “We’re working on doing 🧠, TRANSPLANTS, MS . I truly, just wanted the BOSSES, EMAIL ... She, would NOT provide the requested, EMAIL ... “HAPPY 🥀 MOTORING” folks ... Safety FIRST ? “Cleanliness, is next to Godliness” N.B. THINK freeeeeee ABUNDANT 🌅, SOLAR every day !!! Godspeed
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@Brevard Trophy
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@Total Plan Concepts I need my colon check up, on page 14 of your health care book you say you cover 100% how ever the 3 hospitals number you gave me said they never heard of you , and the doctors list you gave me ,all the doctors said they never heard of you ,and when the hospital 2 days before called said sorry never heard of you and will not accept my insurance , i tried to call you at least 5 times and each time you were short and rude , My sister called you as well and she said the same thing , i have 1 lead and waiting for a call back at best it is a hour away but they have to see if they accept you. Why is it this hard and no one heard of you through your list wich you gave me over 30 doctors and 3 hospitals ,
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@PS Medical Spa
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@Esso Wanted to OPEN, THE CLOSED CARWASH, ASAP ... Business Manager, woman, asked “WHY” ? Felt like saying, “I’m working on doing 🧠, TRANSPLANTS, Ms. ASAP ...
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@Synchrony Financial BEWARE OF SYNCHRONY BANK On January 20, I invested $100,000 at 4.6% interest with Synchrony. This transaction was verified with my bank. The agent told me the transaction was complete. Weeks later I received a letter dated Feb. 3 that indicated I had to complete the process. On Feb. 14, I spoke with Renita. She told me that Synchrony was in error since the transaction had been verified. She asked if I still wanted the investment. I told her yes, if it would be backdated to 1/20. I told her I would also increase the amount to $200,000. She said she would call me personally within three days to confirm. She did not. Instead, I received an email stating that the money had been withdrawn from my bank and invested in Synchrony. On 2/21 I spent about 70 minutes either speaking with an agent that could or would do nothing, and then on hold for a so-called supervisor. Finally, an agent told me that Renita had to return my call in 3 days. I told her it had been 7 days, Sh
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BMW continues to manufacture vehicles they know allow water to enter the front headlight housing. I have found documentation of this fact dating back at least 10 years. Once water enters the housing, turn signals, adaptive headlights and daytime parking lights have  malfunctioned.  if this occurs after the warranty expires, you are looking at anywhere from $6000 to $10,000 repair bill. Again, this is an issue BMW is well aware of. By the failure to correct this issue over the years, apparently civil responsibility has been ignored by BMW. I have not been able to locate another vehicle manufacturer's vehicle that also designs this defect into their models. Your state's Consumer Protection Division of the AG Office should be notified. They are duty bound to investigate. Do not allow the AG's Office to fail to do so by directing you to a private lawyer if you have also experience this designed malfunction in your BMW. 
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@Flame International & Hookah Garden
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@Total Plan Concepts , on page 14 of your health care book it says you cover 100% of a colon check up , how ever the first 30 doctors say they never heard of you and the 4 hospitals you gave me said they never heard of you either , in fact 2 days before my procedure the hospital said no sorry we did not hear of you and we do not take that insurance , on that list i have about another 100 to call ,it should not be that hard ,it took me 6 hours and 15 minutes all to hear no, I live in Langhourne my zip code is 19047 , can you please help me .
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@OK Tire
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@State of New Jersey I am trying to reslolve a login issue on the Nj unemployment insurance claim website and I am just being gaslighted at every turn. No way to talk to a human, and when you do finally talk to someone they hang up. I injured myself and need to start a claim but it wont allow me to because it doesnt recognize my login. Its been a long time since I have used this website and I have no clue what login/pasaword are. Help me I know I am not alone.
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