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@T-Mobile failed to show me any proof or justification for putting a 15 day text lock on my phone. I have never spammed or sent mass text messages to anyone. This text block was a direct violation of my rights as a consumer and contrary to FCC regulations protecting consumers. We have been customers of T-Mobile for over 27 years with 7 lines. In the past, T Mobile customer service has been excellent. However, their mannerism and attitude towards my situation, left me wondering if T-Mobile is still the right place for us. Not once did they offer to make anything right or apologize for this mistake. I am dissatisfied with the handling on this matter and I'm certain this was completely arbitrary and unjustified. They even said, at one point that they could not look at the account and could not verify that a mass text was ever sent from my phone??? WHAT? I believe there to be a huge flaw in your algorithm; Be careful with T-Mobile Network!
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@Air Canada Customer Service I am scheduled to fly to Newfoundland from Halifax on Dec 3rd. I was hoping the flight might be cancelled or rebooking offered, with all of the restrictions and the Premiers of both provinces limiting travel to essential only. I am trying to postpone my flight until a safer time to travel and am going to be charged a $100 per flight rebooking fee. With two tickets that is an additional $400 above my original price. I'm not looking for a refund just a free rebooking so I can travel once the restrictions have been lifted again.
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@Park City Bread & Bagel
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@Swiss Meat & Sausage Co.
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@Cannon Law Offices, PLLC || Address: 300 E Arlington Blvd, #5, Greenville, NC 27858, USA || Phone: ***-***-**** || Fax: ***-***-**** || Website:
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@Vacuums Unlimited
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@Law Office of Mary L. Carstarphen || Address: 2600 E Meighan Blvd, Gadsden, AL 35903, USA || Phone: ***-***-**** || Website:
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@Dinkins Kelly Lenox Lamb & Walker, L.L.P. || Address: 2500 E T C Jester Blvd, #675, Houston, TX 77008, USA || Phone: 713-759-0900 || Fax: 713-759-9549 || Website:
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@Brick I wrote twice before and I am so angry as this store is bull ****. We were told that the rest of my things should be in this week and today Friday Nov 6/20 and I haven't heard anything as of yet. I am sitting here with no fridge, no bed so my husband and I are sleeping on the floor with a box spring and mattress, no end table for my living room which was all promised for the date of Oct 24th. I am so fed up with this store and how long am I going to have to wait to get my things especially my fridge I am living out of a cooler is that not ridiculous??????? and my frozen items I had to put it in my daughter's freezer and so whenever I need something I have to get into the car to go to her to get what I need. These sales people are not reliable and liers. Don't give me answers that I want to hear but tell me the truth. This salesman was not honest. This is not our first time buying from the Brick but most definitely will never ever shop there again which I wrote before
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@The Brick Head Office This is one of the worst stories I have ever dealt with and will never deal with them again. I have bought a quite a bit of things in The Brick and I bought a bed head board side boards and foot board I was promised that it would be delivered on Sept 20th and went in just before that date to confirm and then was told it would be Oct 5th and today is Nov 5th and still don't have it. Bought a dishwasher, fridge, entrance table ,side table and since I was moving my sales man had told me that the fridge, bed, dishwasher, entrance table and side table would all come on Oct 24th and the only thing that came was my entrance table, and my dishwasher, NO FIDGE that I really need and no bed and no side table. My husband went this week and they said it would be in this week and it is already Thurs Oct 25th and heard nothing as of yet. If I don't get my items b y Monday I will put you in the newspaper . The salesman tells you bull **** so that he can make the sale.
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@Tom H Billiris PA
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@Avon Modular
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@Acceptance Financial & Insurance Services
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@Hudson's Bay Company Headquarters Ordered a couch on line per colour.. It was to be almost a grey charcoal-ish came and was to almost a chrome to a white grey... was going to exchange . The delivery people would not keep on truck.. then as its wrapped and sitting in the middle of the room that is on it back and its tooo big.. Called to see when picking up.. NOT UNTIL DECEMBER 31. 2020. !! I can't have couch I cant use sitting in the middle of the room for 2 1/2 months.. and they tell me THEY PICKED out the colour for exchange??! Now I have had voice cancer and cannot talk on the phone for long.. had my son try to call and they hung up!! So I will have to rent a truck and have people to help me.. and return this to the store... Its say on my rect ..RETURN or EXCHANGE... and they say NOT. BUT meanwhile which does not make sense. I can return this to have another colour??? They say I can't return as its a custom color... but can have another colour...this does NOT make SENs
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Jake O'Conner
@Shoppers Drug Mart I visited your Kapuskasing store in January of 2018. I received service from Riham Samra. I remember that encounter because it was the WORST service I EVER received in my life. She obviously had psychological issues. She was absolutely crazy. She shouted to me and was aggressive and rude. A disgrace to the Shopper's Drug Mart name. I recently visited there again, and I am very glad to report that she no longer works there. I wish she was fired or reprimanded! She is scum of the earth.
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@The Austin Agency
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@Brant Photography Address: 406 Main St, #200, Berlin, PA 15530, USA Phone: ***-***-**** Website:
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@Borgata I was betting sports with their online Sportsbook with a couple friends at my house for a couple weeks we spent down the shore in OCNJ. They have since frozen all of our accounts and are not giving our money back. They have over $9000 of my money. And between all of us over $80,000 total. We are in talks with a lawyer to get this resolved but that is going to cost us thousands to recover our money from these thieves.
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