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@Frigidaire Corporate Office Headquarters
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@Childs Express Inc BEWARE OF CHILDS EXPRESS. THEY WILL NOT COMPLETE THE MOVE AFTER BEING PAID. THEY WILL DAMAGE YOUR FURNITURE. THEY WILL REFUSE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A CLAIM FORM. THEY WILL OVERCHARGE YOU. USE ANOTHER CARRIER THAT WILL PROVIDE SERVICE AND NOT CHEAT YOU! In June, Alex Meyers of Childs Express quoted me a total moving fee of $770, which was also supposed to include any travel time. He charged me an additional $77.50 which is not specified on your invoice. Although I paid the entire fee, I called him the same day to dispute this additional fee. He said it was because your people spent 4 1/2 hours which was a outright lie. Although Alex Meyers told me that the movers would call when they were on route, they did not. I had to call their offices, and finally got called at 9:10 am. I met them at the storage unit at 9:20, and their work was concluded at 12;23. That was 3 hours and 3 minutes. There should have been no additional charge. They have refused to discuss this
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@April & Anchor Flowers & Gifts
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j s
@E R Cars LLC a great communicator at first, then once I purchased the car, gave him his money, left a great review, it has been over 50 days since, and still no title. sucky communication, and just a different story every time I call.
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@Vueling Airlines we had a flight yesterday (VY6210 on Aug. 31, 2021). When we arrived in Rome from Malaga, my wife's underwear was moved out of place and her personal ******** is missing. One of your agents went through her belongings and stole her very personal item and did God knows what with her underwear. We will be contacting a lawyer when we return home to the US
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@DnD Diner
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@Planet Smoothie
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@Central Dental Associates At Central Dental Associates on the corner of West Cermak Road and South Central Avenue, you have found extraordinary dental care in a comfortable, family-friendly atmosphere. Dr. Monil Shah, his associates and their assistants offer exceptional care in a state-of-the-art facility.
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@Gerash Steiner & Blanton, P.C.
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@Diva Lashes & Waxing
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@Dentist Catoosa - Dental Arts of Catoosa At Dental Arts of Catoosa, caring for patients means that we do all we can to ensure each one can obtain the treatment they need. With an in-office dental plan and evening and weekend appointments, we are all about making it easy for our patients to maintain peak dental health.
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@United Recovery Project With other locations in both California and Florida. Our primary focus is on providing comprehensive, holistic drug addiction treatment throughout all levels of care. We treat men and women from detox to inpatient rehab and outpatient therapy.
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Laura L
@Rogers Headquarters We have AND are being charged for NETFLIX on our ROGERS BILL. We had Netflix but we were paying that on our VISA bill not on our ROGERS Account. We are being charged $18.99 plus taxes every month. This has been going on since December 2020. We want this to STOP and we want our money back! I have spoken to both Rogers AND Netflix. They blame each other.
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@Frigidaire Corporate Office Headquarters I recently purchased a New Refrigerator and since that time I had to call for service at least Six times for the same reasons which include No ice from the ice maker, Hot water from the water dispenser and a loud humming noise from the refrigerator. The technicians replaced the Ice maker and the Computer board, to no result. At what time do the manufacturer need to replace the entire unit?
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@Bebe Elegante Childrenswear
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@Wabasso Bait & Tackle Shack
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@CMQ Headshots
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