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@Sears World Headquarters Rate your experience Title that suits your situation Broken promises on Refund of $1,777.61 from since 12/4/2021 Tell us what happened (Use the @ symbol to tag a business) 801/1000 Ordered 1st refrigerator in 8/2021 and paid in full for a Stainless Steel Refrig order #910049823 Sears kept delaying the delivery from September 2021 and final date was 12/6/2021 On 11/18/2021 I inquired if they had the same refrigerator but in the color white Yes and it could be delivered on Friday 12/3/2021 under #910466986 and paid in full again online 12/3/2021 white refrigerator was delivered by Costco Logistics 12/3/2021 I cancelled my original order for the stainless refrig and was promised a refund Started contacting as to where my refund was but received broken promises up to the present date of 5/11/2022. I have to call once or twice a month since December 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is like I paid for 2 refrigerators but only received 1 I want my money
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@American Airlines Headquarters I just wish certain flights weren't AA only. I wish Southwest and United had more of these short flights. Put simply American Airlines is trashy and are routinely delayed due to their own incompetence. I travel a lot for work and am away from my wife and kids for weeks and sometimes only have 1 day to go home. Well God forbid my flight is on time and I don't have to push my connecting flight back. AA needs to be bought out or put out of business
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Most of the top dentists suggest that you should visit a dentist every six months for regular dental checkups. Or you can ask your dentist about the time period in which you need to visit them. A dentist can also be proven helpful to address some serious oral and dental issues or can suggest effective and best-suited treatment to improve your oral health and dental implants. At Urbn Dental Clinic, our professional dentist will check for almost every kind of dental problem that can cause some serious dental problems. Aside from regular dental checkups, here at Urbn Dental Clinic, we also offer some additional dental services such as diagnostic and prevention, cosmetic dentistry, periodontics and many other services. Urbn Dental Clinic is a modern dental clinic located at two very convenient locations 3510 Main St. Ste E, Houston, TX 77002 and 2400 Mid Ln. 350, Houston, TX 77027. You can visit any of the dental offices to ensure the highest quality of dentistry to patients of all ages. T
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@Tex-style Silkscreening & Embroidery
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@Grand Dental, P.C.
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On Saturday, April 16th, I accompanied my friend who was shopping for a duvet at The Bay, Sherway. The bedframe on which a mattress was place had a damaged corner and cut my leg deeply, while I walked by. A staff member witnessed it and called first aid as my leg was bleeding profusely. They patched it up, suggested I go to my doctor or hospital, get a tetanus shot, etc. I did all this, my leg is still in pain, I received an antibiotic prescription, had to cut my pants off with scissors. I HAVE NOT EVEN HEARD FROM THE BAY EVEN THOUGH I WAS INFORMED I WOULD BE CONTACTED RIGHT AWAY!!!! I cannot even get through to their customer service line. I am disgusted and upset! @Hudson's Bay Company Headquarters
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@Toronto Poker Syndicate
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@Bikini Brasil
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@Ace Appliance Center BEWARE OF ACE APPLIANCE. THEY INTENTIONALLY OVERCHARGED ME, THEY LIED TO ME, THEY DESTROYED MY ZIP TIE, AND REFUSED TO RETURN MY CALLS. USE ANOTHER DEALER THAT WILL PROVIDE SERVICE, AND WILL NOT CHEAT YOU! I purchased a washing machine from Ace Appliance. I was supposed to pay $237. They charged my credit card $259. I was supposed to pay $20 for delivery. They charged me $25. Three times the owner Wayne Roach confirmed that included would be two new hoses, both for hot and cold water. Upon delivery. the service man said they only had hoses older than mine, and I would have to purchase them at my expense at Home Depot. He intentionally cut and destroyed my zip line, connecting the hoses and the washer. He refused to replace it, again directing me to Home Depot. Although I left four messages for Wayne Roach, he refused to return my calls. This isn't pitiful service. This is no service. Use another company that cares about their patrons. Tony Raymond 973 Circ
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Tara Ulysse, a resident of Chesterfield, Virginia, has been working in the Virginia real estate market since 2005. I'm committed to providing the resources and information homeowners and aspiring owners need for their transactions. @Hope Realty - eXp Realty
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@Triple M Tractors
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@Budget Blinds of Valparaiso / LaPorte
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@Sew & Vac Plus!
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@Mrs. Hewitt's
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@Heart & Home Real Estate - Eugene Realtors John and Heather Romito, who operate Heart & Home Real Estate in Eugene, have a vast understanding of the local real estate market as well as a commitment to the betterment of their communities. They consistently rank in the top 1% of Eugene, Oregon realtors!
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@Inspections Over Coffee The Home Inspection Denver, CO team is more than 15 strong, and as qualified and experienced as the whole team is, they are also super friendly and always very kind, making sure all your questions are always answered. They take the Inspections Over Coffee mantra to heart, always talking with you and never at you or around you.
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