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@Hudson's Bay Company Headquarters Ordered a couch on line per colour.. It was to be almost a grey charcoal-ish came and was to almost a chrome to a white grey... was going to exchange . The delivery people would not keep on truck.. then as its wrapped and sitting in the middle of the room that is on it back and its tooo big.. Called to see when picking up.. NOT UNTIL DECEMBER 31. 2020. !! I can't have couch I cant use sitting in the middle of the room for 2 1/2 months.. and they tell me THEY PICKED out the colour for exchange??! Now I have had voice cancer and cannot talk on the phone for long.. had my son try to call and they hung up!! So I will have to rent a truck and have people to help me.. and return this to the store... Its say on my rect ..RETURN or EXCHANGE... and they say NOT. BUT meanwhile which does not make sense. I can return this to have another colour??? They say I can't return as its a custom color... but can have another colour...this does NOT make SENs
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@Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas assured coverage for expensive medical testing, then refused to pay. My family is $22K in debt and every effort we have made OVER THE LAST YEAR to get our 60% of out of network coverage has been thwarted by dishonest, incompetent, manipulative, and heartless employees of BCBS and Evicor. I, my wife, and four of my children have been diagnosed with various mental illnesses. (The depression, anxiety, impulse control, ADHD, and executive functioning disorder come from my wife's family history as well as my own.) We currently have records of psychological, psychiatric, and therapy visits, as well as the diagnoses and medication histories for all 6 of us, going back 10-20 years. We've had limited success treating the symptoms of the various mental illnesses, which is why we've tried so many different doctors and medications. Finally we found the Amen Clinic, which finally HELPED us. BCBS says we don't have any "medical need" for the tests and treatment.
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@Musette Bridal
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@Liberty Mutual Insurance, if I could give you a zero, I would. When I took over my mom's bills for her, I found that you increased her auto insurance rates by a ridiculous amount over the 7 years she had auto & home insurance policies with your company. Her auto rates went from $1297 in 2012 to $5207 to 2019, an increase of over $3900 over 7 years! Being that she was set up on auto pay, she never noticed how you were raking her over the coals. She had no accidents until 2019, so how can you justify your increases? Plus you supposedly gave her discounts for "early shopper, paperless policy, homeowner, violation free, multi-policy, and preferred payment." I would hate to see what you would have charged her if she didn't have all these wonderful discounts!! To add insult to injury, you denied her repair claim for the accident she had in November 2018...but you paid out for the property damage to the other vehicle involved. Way to be there for your customers!!
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@CSN Sonic
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@Borgata I was betting sports with their online Sportsbook with a couple friends at my house for a couple weeks we spent down the shore in OCNJ. They have since frozen all of our accounts and are not giving our money back. They have over $9000 of my money. And between all of us over $80,000 total. We are in talks with a lawyer to get this resolved but that is going to cost us thousands to recover our money from these thieves.
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@The Brick Head Office my elderly parents bought a king size bed. Delivered today. We put the frame together and had 4.5 inch gap overall. The store in Windsor Ontario was unhelpful even saying that frames are final sale while no one and no where is that posted. The frame we put together measured 86 by 86 the bed itself is only 80 by 76. Angela in the Windsor store as a manager made my parents who are on a pension feel like they had no choice but to buy another frame although admitting it was a manufacturing mistake. This not only cost my parents another 100 dollars but the time it will take to disassemble the old frame and reassemble a new one. Is this the Bricks business model?
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@Diamond Decks
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@Aliexpress #complaint I paid 25$ 40$ DHL shipping for the set. Half of the set was wrong and it makes it useless. I talked to both aliexpress and the seller, they refuse to send correct items and refund. I paid again 11$ shipping to return the item to get my money back, however I lost my time, nerves and money. Now I need to wait 2 month to get my money back. More than that, I need to take all responsibility for the shipping process. I suffer because of the seller's mistake.
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@One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves in being the one stop shop for all of your heating and cooling needs. We understand how important having someone you can depend on to repair or service your homes HVAC system is to you, which is why we offer same day service.
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@Aliexpress Aliexpress markets its products with a 'Free Returns' policy and the provision of a refund for any reason. If, however, you need to return an item, you are given a London address label while the seller is abroad somewhere like China. You can return the item to the London address given, and have proof of postage and receipt, but you are not given a refund - apparently until the item gets back to China or wherever. If the item gets lost between London and China, you will not receive your refund. The system is misleading and dishonest.
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@Frigidaire Corporate Office Headquarters Washing Machine broke less than 2 years old--told by cust service it was my fault for not purchasing extended warranty. Built a new house--purchased 6 Frigidaire appliances--all but 1 have had serious issues. Had to replace microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher. Had Frigidaire look at washing machine when they came to fix the microwave 9 times. Each time i was told the washing machine was fine and did not need service. They never wrote this down or recorded this information. **************** I called Frigidaire because another appliance repair company said the drum and back bearings should be warrantied longer than a year so I called and was subjected to an extreme berating by a "customer service" employee who chastised me repeatedly, shamed me and blamed me for the broken appliance because I didn't buy the extended warranty. I feel like I am victim of elder discrimination as she refused to allow me to get a word in edgewise and refused to treat
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@Siti Networks Limited We have a Siti BroadBand Connect at our home. The Local Cable Operator named Ahlawat Cable in Panipat, Haryana is taking extra charges for the broadband plan mentioned on the company's website. When we try to recharge ourselves, The Local cable operator just stops our broadband services and says that we have to pay extra every month for their services.
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@Frazer Dental Care Address: 480 Lancaster Ave, #17, Frazer, PA 19355, USA || Phone: ***-***-**** || Website:
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@Boost Mobile Have 5 phones as former Virgin mobile customers of 15 yrs (Virgin was merged with Boost due to a buyout), trying to leave due to horrible customer service, terrible phone quality, no signal etc. and the fact that we just purchased an $800 iphone that they refuse to activate bc its a 5G iphone 11 and our plan is 4G????, then they told us they have no 4G sim cards??? Clearly a lie as we have 4 older phones on same plan. NEVER MENTIONING THAT ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE (FALSE/MISLEADING ADVERTISING)that our $800 iphone would NOT work. We purchase our phones outright paying retail - they will not unlock 3 of them. They're holding them hostage. Told by several reputable sources that as long as you: paid for the phone outright, don't owe any money to the carrier and the phone has not been reported lost or stolen, that they CANNOT hold your phone hostage. It should be unlocked. BOOST MOBILE will NOT: activate my phone or let me return it or unlock it
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@Active Marketing We are a marketing agency for the treatment industry. We provide strategies that build your brand and improve your messaging. We produce creative pieces like brochures, print ads, and websites to communicate that messaging. We negotiate and manage advertising campaigns that make your phone ring.
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@Staples Canada - Head Office - I ordered gift cards from staple, on August 4, 2020, in Sept , I contacted to ask where my order was, I was told I would get a phone call or email to rectify. I did not, today I received the 125.00 worth of cards in the mail, small white envelope, just the cards, nothing else inside, I go online to activate. Due to these cards being almost 2 months late, I called each one to check the balance, the balances do not match up with the amounts i paid for each one, Tried contacting Staples, that was a joke, I was told I would get an email to tell me what went wrong, NO, I waNT MY MONEY BACK AND THE INFORMATION OF HOW TO RETURN THE CARDS, but I did not get that, only a customer service rep who clearly has no people skills
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@Maurer Law Maurer Law provides legal representation for personal injury claims, auto accident cases, and employment discrimination cases. We help our clients navigate the complexities of their unique legal situation. As a trial attorney with years of experience, Joshua Maurer truly cares about his clients.
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