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My husband left his IPad in Sac Airport. The restaurant found it was nice enough to ship it to us through their UPS account which they were sending cod. It made it to my UPS hub, then was switched...

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1 hour 57 min ago
UPS Headquarters

In June 2014 I signed up to Wind Mobile(one of the worst day of my life). By Aug 2014 to Sept.2014 my phone was reported stolen.I did not even know that someone can call a company and of course...

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Norma Mamaril
3 hours 47 min ago

I purchased two bedroom sets and a bed from this establishment on August 15 2015. The one partial delivery was three weeks later and the second set was just delivered on the 4th of October! !! Not...

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Barbara Anderson
6 hours 23 min ago

I ordered a bedroom suite on Sept 3, was told it would be in on Sept 27 and set up a delivery date on Sept 30 as this was my day off. I thought that was a longtime to begin with for such a big...

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1 day 1 hour ago

It appears that I am not good enough tohave my packages delivered to the front door The UPS regular driver throws my packages out near the gate which is approximately 200 yards from the front door...

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1 day 4 hours ago

My Costa sunglasses (frame) were falling apart even though they are only a few years old and were very expensive. I returned them for repair as directed by Costa. After two weeks I received...

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1 day 7 hours ago

I purchased a fridge from the brick the fridge don't even work properly they came three times to fix it what they did was put the legs up and advised us if we ever move the fridge it will ruin our...

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1 day 9 hours ago
The Brick

I have waited since the beginning of August to have my water dispenser repaired. I have been lied to, put on hold for long periods of time by Brick reps, spent countless hours on the phone, in...

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2 days 4 hours ago

Life was good... A new home, new furniture, new appliances!!! But then Frigidaire introduces themselves into my life and the storybook tale of my dreams turns into "Nightmare in the Valley"! My...

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2 days 7 hours ago



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