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Good morning, I am a member of LA Fitness, Gaithersburg, MD. I've been a member for about six months. The greater Washington DC fitness club market is highly competitive, and offers customers...

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3 hours 12 min ago
LA Fitness

Purchased a Couch set from The Brick in Barrie. After purchase the sales associate stated NO DELIVERY to my home because I bought a floor sample?!??
I have no way of getting the set to my...

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17 hours 47 min ago

I bought a shredder Staples December 28, 2015 and broke quickly in June 2016 after very little use. At the store, no one wants to help they tried to get rid of me. Behind the device, there is a...

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1 day 20 hours ago

I endured 90 degrees with a heat index of 107 in the parking lot tailgating. It was all worth it since it was the first annual Brewer outing with "the cousins". This took a great deal of...

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1 day 22 hours ago
Miller Park

Last year, I purchased a Mastercraft 4.25 inches 5A angle grinder from my local Canadian Tire. It was broken down this Summer. Since it has 3 years warranty, I brought back to the shop. The...

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2 days 12 hours ago

Priced a rental car for my son, it asked I enter my debit card, I did because I figured it would ask to review and confirm the purchase, but it did not. I now have rented a car that I don't even...

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3 days 13 hours ago

my wife and I paid a tidt sum 718.96 a piece to fly from Sudbury to Winnipeg 2 stopovers , one in Toronto for one hour was ok ,,, then we left to go to thunderbay got...

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3 days 20 hours ago


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