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@Shoppers Drug Mart Headquarters I was sold $278 dollars worth of Shisheido product not warned about the retinol contained in it. My face was fine the first month then dried out severely like a 70 year old woman. After that my face broke out. I asked a cosmetologist why this had happened at a different store and they said I should have been told about the retinol content and to use it once a week to start. I was not warned and I used the Shisheido benefiance smoothing moisturizer the serum and the eye cream. I used it every day. I tried to return it to the Kingsway mall store I bought it from and I got told off severely by the manager Sheida on the phone. She said I had gone past the 30 days and that the product was no longer saleable! My damage occurred after the one month time period. How rude she was to me and saying it was no longer saleable??! I want my money back my skin is badly damaged and extremely dried out. I want my money returned. Donna Hewko in Edmonton *** *** ****
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Floors USA
@Floors USA Floors USA is a family-run, full service flooring retailer offering a variety of products, including hardwood, tile and laminate flooring, as well as carpet and area rugs. They offer competitive pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can feel confident and comfortable with your purchase.
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@Canadian Tire I was provided a business card with the name and number of a manager I could phone in order to discuss store policy. After that was done, I left the customer service counter and walked to my minor son, and was talking to him when suddenly, the supervisor I’d just talked to came out from behind the counter and walked down the isle towards me; she interrupted me speaking to my son, and baited me to engage with her. She would not allow me to talk to my minor son, I had no reason to talk to her, our business was already concluded. She told me to leave the store for absolutely NO REASON. She had no business following me & baiting me in her antagonist fashion.
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@AliExpress confirm that item came damaged, but ask me to pay a return fee. if i got damaged why i should be punished to send the item to china will cost me a fortune.i have the proof i can show it.
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@Florida Blinds and More Lifetime Warranties On All Our Products and Free Estimates And Installations. We Carry All Major Brands Including Hunter Douglas!
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Agent Lock And Key
@Agent Lock And Key Locksmith Service, Automotive Keys And Remotes, Residential Service Locks, Keys, And Rekeys, Commercial Service Locks And Keys.
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Synergy Yoga Center
@Synergy Yoga Center Synergy is the oldest and first Yoga Studio in Miami Beach, having served the community for over 20 years with a variety of traditional Yoga styles.
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I have been shopping @ Walmart all over Wisconsin and Missouri without any problem using my Menominee Tribal Nation tax exempt card except @Walmart Supercenter in Franklin, WI. I can go to any Walmart and they accept my card but this one refuses to honor it. . They did give me a printout stating that I am only exempt for orders delivered to my reservation, I live 150 miles from my reservation, how racist is that?!
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@Saint Agnes Hospital
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@Pizza Pizza
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James Fletcher Law
@The James R. Fletcher Law Firm James Fletcher, JD has joined Hamilton Grant law firm as Senior Trial Attorney at the Austin office. He is in the unique position to be able to provide effective legal representation for criminal cases, especially DWI, at affordable rates. He knows exactly how to handle a DWI case from arrest to verdict and has worked hard to establish a reputation as a tough, adamant, and creative trial attorney who fights for his clients throughout the process.
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@Pizza Pizza - Head Office I ordered 2 keto pizzas from a Peterborough location and i have to reheat then. The delivery driver couldnt find my address and was veey rude and argued with me when he called about my address. I paid the driver he didn't want to give me change. Im sorry but i was not about to give him a $6 tip for being argumentative and rude. When taking the pizzas inside they were ice cold and had to reheated. They also looked like thwy had been tossed around. I am not pleased. These pizzas are very expensive and i should not be reheating my $55 pizzas.
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@Pizza Pizza On Januray 31st, my order was set to arrive by 7:07 pm. The driver called me stating that he couldn't find parking and that I would have to come down and get my order outside ( it was cold outside, if im asking for a delivery at my door why am I ask to come outside to get my order? ). He was there at 7:27 pm ( I have my receipt stating the time) which means my pizza should've been free. He argued he was there under the limit time trying to convince me that 7:07pm was the time the order was delivered. Basically he lied, was annoyed and didn't give me my order unless I paid and then he left. I want a reimbursment, the driver did not respect the policy. My pizza was cold and I had to reheat it. The toppings were poorly distributed and not the usual quality of pizza pizza. Very disappointed. This was the second time in the SAME week that I ordered pizza pizza but the experiences were 2 worlds apart.
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@PINK Breast Center PINK Breast Center uses the latest digital equipment, including 3D imaging, to focus care on you with more comfort and less radiation. Whether you need breast imaging or general ultrasounds, a bone density scan, breast care, a breast biopsy, or a digital mammography screening, we're here for you.
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@The Brick Head Office I've called the store on Cyrville road in Ottawa Ontario 5 times and left emails regarding the warranty for my couch every time they say there's no record of my calls. Last time I called I spoke to sushma at 345pm On Jan 24 n she gave me ref number 5264456. Said a tech would call Bk. Today, Jan 27, I miss a call from the brick, called Bk at 1125 pm and Napa said there's still no record. I couldn't find my ref number. Called back 2 min later said hey I got my ref number (same person) hangs up on me
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@Pizza Pizza - Head Office I just ordered a pizza and it arrived cool and significantly undercooked - in fact, it was doughy in the centre. I called the number listed for the local store. It was my intention to simply alert them so that they would double check other orders so no one else had the same experience I had. I didn't want compensation or a refund. Instead, apparently, the local calls are answered by a call centre. The man who answered really couldn't help me get in touch with the local store. So -- Pizza Pizza really doesn't care about customer communication, just whatever is the most expedient and cheapest for them. I cannot communicate with my local store unless I get in my car and drive there. No thank you Pizza Pizza, you just keep being the big corporate entity you are and I will give business to your competitors who actually pick up the phone here in Belleville when I call and don't reroute a seemingly local number to some far-off call centre.
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@9155 Beloit Ave
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@Cash Cars Buyer We Eliminates all the stress associated with trading or selling your car on your own. We Will buy Your used or junk car, truck, SUV Today. Sell or Trade Any Vehicle. Get an Actual Offer Today. Cash for Cars, Sell my car. Get Your Car's Value. Fast At-home inspection & vehicle pickup.
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