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On July 11, 2011 I purchased a new Fridgidaire frost free compact fridge/freezer unit Model FRT045GB from Lowes for 220.39 plus 13.77 tax plus 65.00 delivery fee plus 17.97 extended warranty. It...

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2 hours 53 min ago

I'm trying for over a month to cancel my personal training membership with LA Fitness called the club 10 times or more the first call on June 1st on a Monday was to ask what do I need to do to...

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1 day 3 hours ago
LA Fitness

Let's start by saying it takes forever to get a response on a complaint. Then their agent becomes insulting to say the least, giving every excuse in the book as to why a resort is not performing...

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J Dobson
1 day 4 hours ago

Anthony Raymond
973 Circle Drive
Baltimore, MD 21227



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2 days 5 hours ago
Patrick Bartels

I bought a tin of Anti fouling Bottom Coat Paint for our boat. It was not enough, (My Miss-calculation) so I went to get another quart. All the tins on the shelf (Same colour) had a rusty top. I...

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Nevaida Howe
2 days 15 hours ago

My father died 4/2013 and we purchased a headstone from Lifestone By Stefan on 12/21/2013. It has not been delivered as of 7/1/2015. I went to the cemetery 2 weeks ago to visit and cannot find...

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3 days 6 hours ago
Lifestone by Stefan

On June 13th, 2015, I used Google's Transit app to check bus schedules for Lynchburg's transit system that would get me to the Amtrak station in time for a 7:38 am departure two days later. I was...

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3 days 13 hours ago
Google Inc

I moved into an apartment complex a few months ago and since I moved in there, I've had a horrible time trying to receive my packages. The delivery man comes around 2-3pm on those days, and I am...

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4 days 2 hours ago

My husband is overseas, coming back in few weeks
Want surprise his and get new bedroom set, we always shop and the brick so
I went to the brick( 125 boardwalk Kitchener , Ontario )...

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4 days 5 hours ago



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