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Vancouver WestJet Guest Services representative, Chris, and Calgary WestJet Guest Services Manager, Ian, unlawfully detain passenger from boarding flight due to their incompetence.

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16 hours 48 min ago

In November or December I joined LA Fitness on a month to month basis. A day later I joined there Personal Trainer program on a month to month basis. In June I had to cancel both memberships...

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18 hours 53 min ago
Lafitness Hq

Just by browsing websites over the internet, I've seen the benefits of ancient Chinese medicine such as acupuncture and tuina. With the hectic lifestyle and tiring days at work, I can feel the...

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1 day 9 hours ago
Yixin TCM

Our company has been using UPS service for a very long time for import and export of goods. However, recently we have experienced loss of imported goods from your service, which is a great...

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1 day 13 hours ago

This is my second complain within a week as I am getting worse than dog treatment at this asthonbee store in Scarborough.
We had delivery service today in regards to above invoice where...

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1 day 17 hours ago
The brick

This is the 2nd couch I have purchased from the brick that I'm still paying off and it's broken. I am not happy with their products. Their customer service is horrible. I pay an arm and a leg for...

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1 day 21 hours ago

I shipped a warranty phone from a UPS STORE back to the carrier. It never made it there. When I dropped off the phone to be shipped, I asked for packing tape to seal the box, the lady was busy and...

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2 days 19 sec ago

We have booked a group of 30 people to go to Punta Cana for our upcoming wedding in November, we noticed the price dropped so decided we would trade in the price to save everyone some money, as...

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2 days 21 min ago

If anyone thinks of working for The Brick or their operations team called Transglobal service please DON'T.....
I started working for them Aug 2014 as a remote customer...

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2 days 11 hours ago



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