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Worst possible experience with IT company! Contacted this company to help us with IT issues. They were confident they could help, but when actually attempting to resolve our issues they created more problems plus 'accidentally' sent our confidential information via email. When confronted about this, they ignored ALL my concerns. Finally I was fedup with no proper communication (even after providing multiple emails with detailed break down of concerns) and wasting my time for a week I decided that I no longer want to work with this dysfunctional company. I then get a call from the founder NATHAN ZYCH. Hoping he would be able help I tried to explain the entire issue, but he kept interrupting me. I had realized that the founder himself doesn't care enough about the customer, so I said its best we just discontinue working together. At which point he said he wants to invoice me for time that his team spent creating more issues!! @Outsource IT Computing Inc IT Services & Support
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@Aliexpress #complaint I paid 25$ 40$ DHL shipping for the set. Half of the set was wrong and it makes it useless. I talked to both aliexpress and the seller, they refuse to send correct items and refund. I paid again 11$ shipping to return the item to get my money back, however I lost my time, nerves and money. Now I need to wait 2 month to get my money back. More than that, I need to take all responsibility for the shipping process. I suffer because of the seller's mistake.
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@Air Transat Headquarters - My husband and his friend were scheduled to travel to Mexico but the trip was cancelled due to the Covid situation. We were told they would get a refund but instead, they have been offered travel vouchers. They will not travel again and therefore will not use the vouchers. They want their money back but have been refused. The Travel Vouchers are not transferrable. So - Air Transat gets to keep their money? They are seniors - is this what Air Transat wants to do? Rip off seniors? I will never ever ever travel by Air Transat and am on a campaign to get this message out to as many people as possible. WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK!
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@Molson Canada
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@Empire Dental Group of New Jersey We are a cosmetic dentist that offers services like checkups, teeth cleaning, crowns, implants, veneers and more. We also perform emergency dentist services that include bonding, root canals, crowns, and bridges.
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@Mad City Windows & Baths They came to install our patio door and front window and another door the job that they left was very unprofessional. I have been trying to get this fixed since June 29th and they keep telling me that they will get back to me and they never do. I really need help with getting this job completed to the standard that we were told they do. The patio door is not a door that we ordered it is 3 different colors, not at all what we ordered. I asked them if they would be happy if this was their house and every single one of them told me NO not at all. I just want the patio door that we were suppose to get and the work completed the correct way, I don't think that is too much to ask. We have dealt with at least 6 or 7 different associates from their and still we are no further a head, our work still not complete and no-one now is even calling us back, so I feel like we are stuck. Remind you we paid $ 9,000.00 for our front window and patio door. Thank you for your time
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@Molson Canada
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@Frigidaire - Electrolux Headquarters Unable to reach them in any way shape or form - impossible!
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@Pizza Pizza - Head Office
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@Aliexpress Limited. I ordered a product via AliExpress (**********636252) and paid for airmail shipment (40 days max) but the seller sent it overland taking 70 days while claiming throughout that he had sent it airmail and that it was already in UK. China Post, however, showed it was in Lithuania. I raised a dispute and submitted the conclusive China Post evidence. AliExpress found for the seller, first claiming the package was post free and then that it had been sent by my chosen (unspecified) route, completely ignoring the conflicting evidence submitted. My subsequent appeal was rejected on the grounds that the package had been (eventually) delivered... a fact that was never in dispute! I claimed a refund because I had to purchase product locally due to the delay. This is grossly unfair treatment by AliExpress.
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@Sunbelt Appraisals, Inc. At Sunbelt Appraisals, we have been proudly providing professional and top-quality real estate appraisal services for more than 15 years in Orlando, Florida.
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@Tuff Shed After waiting nearly 3 months, and rescheduling 4 times, I have a shed installed in my yard that leaks like a sieve! Water proof test with light spray house. Water pouring in the shed through top of the door. Water pouring in around vent. Nail sticking out of outside wall. Paint job you would have to see to believe. Metal roof with huge gaps. The installer got more paint on my grass than he did on the shed. No joke! This whole experience would have to be seen to be believed. Sales man fully admits I am getting screwed but nothing he can do. No one else will return my calls. Empty promise aftet empty promise. The only thing Tuff shed has done is already charged my credit card. A real tail light guarantee by the installer.
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@AliExpress. This was my 1st experience with AliExpress and a big mistake that I didn't read any reviews about AliExpress. I selected a few items of my choice and added those to cart. During Checkout, I applied the coupon and Promo code to get the discounts. The total amount shown on this page after the coupons and Code was USD 624.90. I was at the last step to place the order and on clicking the "Place Order" Button, an additional USD 10 (Total USD 634.90) got charged on my Credit Card. I tried to get the issue solved by contacting Customer care. To my surprise, the Customer Care of such big Website is totally useless. The agents do not follow the rules, terms and conditions of their own Business and tell you anything in the air...I provided all the evidances (Screenshot, their own rules written on Website, but to no avail.... After seeing all the other reviews, I just pray to get the items I ordered safely, otherwise don't know if I will get my money back or not in case not deliver
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@Pizza Pizza i ordered a pizza and told them to leave it at door and dont to knock or call because a 2 year old is sleeping. So after almost 40 minutes of oredering i went out to pick up the pizza but i found that my box was tampered and half of it is gone. If someone wants to steal it so why not the entire box only half pizza . Seal is intact on the box but it was opened from side by tearing the box.
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@H3 Paint Interior & Exterior Custom Painting We offer a wide variety of design and painting services. We have backgrounds in interior and architectural design, construction, art, and green studies. We are passionate about what we do and strive to offer our clients quality work, environmentally friendly options, and creative color solutions.
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@Andrew Chevrolet Long story short. I purchased a 2020 Chevy Trax, Redline edition. Beautiful black on black, with red lines on the rims. Traded in a vehicle, they gave me $3500 and I had to pay start up fees of $630 out of pocket, plus my lease was for 39 months. My best friend is in sales and owns a business, so he thought I got a bad deal, so he called them and asked for the exact vehicle I purchased, but he asked them for a 36month lease, he would put down $3500 and he wanted no start up fees and his payments under $200 a month. The salesman agreed to the deal, we went up there and he verbally agreed to the deal again and even told my friend that they just sold the exact vehicle on saturday (to me). I walked in and the dealships mood completely changed when they realized that they got caught giving him one deal and me a higher one. They immediately told us to leave and even went as far as telling my friend he had short mans syndrome.
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@easyhome Headquarters i Will continue my story. So then mishila told me she had my first order that she told me was not approuved. So i gave her the New less expressive order. She told me ok that she Will call me tomarrow. A week passes, and an offert is sent to me by Gmail. So i wrote back to cancel my order and to not sent me no more offerts that There services was really poor. The Méen while m'y wife ahe was accepted and was going to pay her first payement. And IT was the same person that replied to me and called me to know what happens and that je would take care of the problème. Si the Guy told me that its not possible to have 2 account at the same adresse, and that the lady had no right to Tell me i had bad crédit and that i couldnt get IT because if that. Si je told me that je would add IT to m'y wifes order. So we went and payed and signed papers. So today i get a message and m'y wife too. Saying that i could cancel m'y order and hers, when im not even on her Contract. So i to
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John Peterson
We purchased a GE refrigerator through GE in 2016. It worked fine but then after a year or so water was on floor underneath. I cleaned out water but didn't know why it leaked. Since that time I've had same thing happen two times a year or so. We had a GE repairman here a year ago and he replaced a fan inside. Same leak has occurred two times since and I don't think I should pay for a design flaw. I want it replaced. I have contacted GE and sent a dozen messages and have just received no real response, I was told that my complaint had been put in a sort of dead letter file because I had not responded. I have copies of the twelve messages I sent to them which refutes their claim. I do not want to keep cleaning up their messes.
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