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@Pizza Pizza - Head Office I just ordered a pizza and it arrived cool and significantly undercooked - in fact, it was doughy in the centre. I called the number listed for the local store. It was my intention to simply alert them so that they would double check other orders so no one else had the same experience I had. I didn't want compensation or a refund. Instead, apparently, the local calls are answered by a call centre. The man who answered really couldn't help me get in touch with the local store. So -- Pizza Pizza really doesn't care about customer communication, just whatever is the most expedient and cheapest for them. I cannot communicate with my local store unless I get in my car and drive there. No thank you Pizza Pizza, you just keep being the big corporate entity you are and I will give business to your competitors who actually pick up the phone here in Belleville when I call and don't reroute a seemingly local number to some far-off call centre.
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@CAA - Head Office I had a car accident on December 15th, 2019 and to this day January 6th,2020 my car is still waiting to be towed to the Collision repair centre. I maxed out my $4000.00 rental and had to return the car January 2nd,2020. I am now in a rental which is on my dime. I also need to pay the $500.00 deductible for my repairs. I was just told after a two hour phone call of being sent to three different departments that I am looking at another week possible even longer for a rental due to Christmas holidays and New Year's Day etc... I am not impressed with my insurance agent or the call center personnel. I feel due to CAA's delay in picking my car up it shouldn't be my dime that pays the extra rental fees.
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@easyhome Headquarters 🤬This emoji does not even begin to describe how awful this company is as a whole!!!! If I could tell anyone two words of advice it would be DON'T USE!!!! These people are the most horrible people that represent any company and have no empathy or understanding for any situation. Let me give you a wonderful story of how absolutely amazing the people at this company are and actually I can't even say it is at the store level but by people like the regional managers representing the company so truly they are worse than having the devil steal your soul!!!!! Here is my story and I will share with you how understanding the company is!!!! NOT!!! My son was born with a rare INCURABLE BRAIN CONDITION and has survived 2 brain surgeries, my other son has autism so all in all we have had a difficult road to plow with both of their medical conditions. When this company was rentacenter there were actually people working there, not machines, people that understood life hap
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Aeroplan vacation, quickly got confirmation of purchase of flight, hotel and attractions, no confirmations, tickets etc. Finally after several calls got flight tickets. Have been listening to elevator music for 3:04:47 so far simply to ask someone how I get my confirmation of Universal Studios. Incidently hotel doesn't answer phone, number on internet rings busy .. forever @Air Canada Vacations Headquarters
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@Pizza Pizza - Head Office I placed an order for delivery at my front door by 7:38pm yesterday. I have the order confirmation which shows the above. At 8pm I have a representative from Pizza Pizza call me and state they have my order for pick up. I told them on the phone my order was for delivery multiple times. They called twice more insisting it was pick up, and then wanted to cancel the order and start again as delivery. At this point I asked for the pizzas for free, as per your policy about late delivery and the error being on their side. This suggestion was ignored by the person I spoke too, and be quoted me the same price from my original order. I cancelled the order entirely; and will be hesitant to order from Pizza Pizza in the future because of this poor customer experience.
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christina c
@AliExpress seller ignored all my messages when i told him my stock was late. he said do not dispute, but i heard nothing for months and he took 300 dollars and not items sent.
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@Alliance Career Training Solutions Alliance Career Training Solutions is a training center that offers career training, and corporate training to various companies and individuals.
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@easyhome Headquarters I leased a Dell laptop. Took it in last april for repair. Manger left. New manager says its lost. We are now into January. Lease paid in full and still no Dell laptop. Either i get my full lease payments back or a Dell laptop. I will not accept any other brand as i paid for a Dell.
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@AliExpress. I ordered 3 LCD Screen from store "Fix 2 Sailing" order# "**********29317" on Aliexpress for CAN$ 323.33. I received them, I made videos of unpacking and testing just in case of a broken, cracked or defected. 2 out of 3 screens defected. I communicate with the seller, no results. I open a dispute. Aliexpress said, send the items back with tracking #, for full refund shipping fee time the seller receives. I Paid CAN$123 for shipping to China, I declared CAN$350 for insurance just in case of loss or damage. the package arrived in China, Seller didn't accept because said has to pay a customs fee for the declared price which is higher than the original price, only $27. I wrote to Aliexpress I accept the duty fees and please deduct from the original price. But Aliexpress closed my account, due to abusing buyer protection. Post return the package back, due to no one declare that. Lost $446. Trust me, Pay little more buy from eBay or Amazon Hassle-Free. At least they have phone#
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@Doctor Eileen Raymond and Tony Raymond 9** Circle Drive Baltimore, MD 21227 (***) ***-**** COMPLAINT AGAINST MEDICARE AND ST. AGNES HOSPITAL 1. This complaint is in behalf of my mother, Eileen Raymond. She is 96 years old, resides with me, and her DOB is 6/8/****. Her SS# is ***-**-****. Anthony Raymond is a permanent resident of 9** Circle Drive, Baltimore County, Maryland, and has lived there since 1965. 2. On 1/15/19 my mother had a fall. She was sent to St. Agnes. Six hours later I called to inquire about her condition, and the room number and telephone number. I was told she was being admitted, and to call in an hour. When I called I was connected to the 4th floor. The nurse said they had no record of my mother even being in the hospital. I spent the next hour talking to a variety of people before being connected to the head nurse of that floor. I think her name was Carol Gallagher (?). I asked for her room and phone number. She said she refused to give that to me, and
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@Rogers Call Centre - Moncton My nightmare began when I logged in to Rogers Toronto Chat to inquire about an erroneous charge on my Rogers bill which was for equipment returned on November 7, 2019 but not yet processed by Rogers as of November 1.2019. (Chat Ref#**********37338732 Interaction #I**********). I contested the charge because I had been allowed 10 business days to return the equipment by UPS and it was within the 10 days allowed. I brought this to the attention of the Rogers Chat agent(Desi 1) who then prepared a refund for the overcharged amount with tax of $126.49(Credit case #C150197824). It now December 21, 2019 and there is no refund in sight despite all the reassurances the agent gave me, probably just to silence me. On December 13, 2019, I cancelled my services with Rogers and despite the reassurances by the chat agents, the account is still active and being charged.
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@Hudson's Bay Company Headquarters I spent $900 on an order made end of Nov. using Visa plus GC's. First, they had the audacity to refund the entire amount with a GC! I asked that the $580 and change be returned to my Visa. No refund. And it's not due to my 'billing cycle'. I get refunded within 3 days, typically. Trying to deal with their customer 'service' is impossible. Soo, nearly 2 months later, I have had to ask Visa for their assistance. If they would refund me I would cancel the dispute, but they insist it has been done.
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@Aliexpress I bought on that website a smartphone worth 570 euros. 3 days later I decided to cancel the order before it was shipped. I sent several messages to the seller indicating my intention to cancel it. This seller said he could take the order back and fully refund me. I accepted and i said yes. However he sent the smartphone anyway, even after our agreement. Once here in Portugal i requested to send it back to the seller and so it was. Aliexpress kept my money for about 3 months. I've been involved in a dispute with this seller and Aliexpress all this time and when they finally agreed to return the money they still withdrew about 6 euros for me to pay the shipping costs back. It took 3 months to massacre a customer and in the end they withdraw money from me because of an incompetence of the seller. Even after I revealed all the evidence to Aliexpress i received 562. I paid to be badly serve here and i did not exposed half of what happened. The order number was **********655317
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@Frigidaire - Electrolux Headquarters
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@The Brick Head Office
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@UPS Headquarters in March 2019 our driver knocked on our door and asked my wife "Is your husband home?" and "What kind of gun does he shoot?" She freaked out and told him to leave. He returned and banged on the door yelling at her and refused to leave after being told to multiple times. He scared her the kids and the piano teacher so much that they hid in closets and called the police. We have the encounter on video. Ever since then UPS refuses to deliver to us, and every time a package it goes out for delivery it never gets delivered. Someone always changes the status to "held for future delivery." It's causing major headaches, we feel at this point it is harassment. No one at UPS will engage me via phone, email, social media or in person to address the issue. UPS store manager in Falcon, CO is the only one who helps. Someone in a position of authority please contact me so we can resolve--it's been nine months!
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@Amazon I recently received an email saying my account was locked. I called in and the representatives said it was being investigated. I complete all their instructions and waited to hear back from them within 24 hours. It was 72 hours later that I was notified my account was closed due to attempts to use invalid gift cards because my account was hacked. I've tried contacting them multiple times with no one able to help me. I have over $100 in gift card balance on my account and no longer have access to the 20 movies and 50 audiobooks on my account. It is not right that I have these items stolen from me and would like to get them back to me ASAP. Thank you,
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@Aliexpress I ordered 33 items from a seller in Aliexpress. After payment successful it shows status - closed. I don't know what happens. Please refund my money or give my orders. Order Id- **********768044 mail id- ************@*****.***
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