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@RidgeCrest Home Sales - Buyer beware of using Ridgecrest !!! Our experience has been, and continues to be, beyond terrible. We have given Ridgecrest every opportunity to fix the many situations that they did incorrectly, but they have lied, missed deadlines, completed shoddy work, and after 2.5 months, the work is still not completed on their end or on the manufacturers end. They have been rude, unprofessional and vindictive. If you at considering using this company, please reach out to us before you do. I never want anyone to have to go through the frustrating and costly experience that we are going through. We have ample documents and emails that will convince you, without a doubt, of their double talk and misrepresentation. The owners agreed (verbally of course) that the workmanship, timing, and follow-through was sub-par, but they would not take the steps required to remedy it. We are beyond frustrated!!
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Its been almost 5 years now. I have bought a bedroom set and livingroom set a dinning table and a second mattress. So I've spent a lot of monwy at your company. At the time i was bying my livingroom set the rep convinced me to buy a extended warranty. So i got the 5 year warrany. Was told look you will have no worries with this warrantyit covers everything. So i took his word because that is the info he sold to me from your company. Now that a few years have passed they dont want to horrorthe warranty. They said that my dog damaged the livingroom set. Sure the dog has caused some of it but my dog is only 20lbs. There is no way that he did all the damage. Like i said before ive bought a lot of stuff from you and just feel betrayed because i put a lot of faith in the company and bregged about it but now just feel ive been left high and dry and that your staff is selling something they are not going to follow through on. @The Brick Head Office
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@Trinity Solar I had solar panels installed on my roof by Trinity Solar on 2016 .Before entering into the agreement I asked them what would happen if I needed a new roof years down the road. I was told for a 1 time only cost of $500 they would remove the panels and when my roofer gets done return and reinstall the panels. After reaching out to them they now tell me the cost of panel removal and install is now $4500 dollars? They said for $700 dollars they can remove and install ONLY if I used their roofing company which would give me a quote for a new roof. I have 3 quotes I got for 22 SQ FT one at $9780,another at $8900,and a third at 10,100. Their roofing companies quote was for $16,000 dollars crazy. I have 4 other families that got told the same $500 removal cost as well as numerous other customers see the Better Business Bureau complaints with the same issue.
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@American Home Shield is THE WORST. We filed a service claim on our refrigerator/freezer on August 20th, 2023, and as of September 13th, 2023, we still are living without a working refrigerator/freezer. We don't know what to do anymore.
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@The Brick Head Office I strongly discourage ppl from going to this store. I went to the store Calgary Beacon Hill Location. I have worked wit Maz sales associate. I ordered a bed frame and sectional sofa. I was told by sales associate that everything would be assembled. When delivery happened those guys told me we should not do assembly. I went to the store and lovely manager told be it will be fixed. same day @ 5 pm delivery guys came and did assembly of bed. Next morning I found bed frame was set up very wobbly. couch I assembled my self even though I was told everything will be done but miscommunication happened, but arm was wobbly also. After that I went to the store again and had a conversation with operation manager Blessie. She told me we would give u in-store credit, I told her when I bought it no one told me, she said we send Emal. When she checked her system it was found Email was not sent. She said I have to pay for delivery and disassemble myself even drivers assembled it
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@C Erickson & Sons Inc
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@Carmi Eye Care
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@Kind Pest Control
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@Patty's Place
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@Leo's Fitness Lab
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@Twin City Security Fort Worth provides a winning business model and flexible client contracts in private security services.
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@Precision Resolution, LLC BEWARE OF PRECISION RESOLUTION, LLC. They were paid to represent me in my mother's health care bills to Medicare/CMS. Their intercession resulted in over $7000 in debts to Medicare. I had previously disputed myself claims, which resulted in Medicare agreeing with all of my disputes, and resulting in a $0 balance. I was told that these charges were permanently deleted by CMS. I had received another statement from CMS which now indicated that some of the claims deleted were now reinstated. In addition, there were apparently fraudulent charges which were not investigated by Precision. When I asked why they said it was requested by Precision and my attorneys. Before I had the chance to address these claims, I was told Precision had recused themselves from any representation to me. Essentially, they have abandoned me. Despite my repeated efforts to contact Precision and Hallmark, they have neither the professionalism, nor the courtesy to return my calls. The
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@Milanese Remodeling THEY CAN OUT TWICE TO MESURE A WINDOW TO BE REPLACED BUT NEVER SHOWED UP TO DO IT BECAUSE THE WINDOW COMPANY WENT OUT OF BUSINESS. I had the warranty from Milanese not the window company and I would like my windows repaired. Mark Milanese won't even take my calls, I guess he is waiting for me to die and the problem will go away. But this SENIOR CITIZEN IS NOT GOING AWAY, STAND BY YOUR WARRANTY.
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@La Cascada Mexican Restaurant
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@Hallmark Specialty Insurance Company BEWARE OF HALLMARK SPECIALTY INSURANCE COMPANY Hallmark/Precision was paid to represent me for my mother's medical bills to Medicare/CMS. Their intercession resulted in over $7000 in additional debts to Medicare. I had previously disputed all claims with CMS, who agreed with my disputes, resulting in a $0 balance. CMS told me these charges were permanently deleted. I received a later statement indicating these charges were reinstated. CMS told me that Precision asked that they be reinstated. In addition, there were other fraudulent or dubious charges that were apparently not investigated by Precision. Before I had the chance to dispute these new claims, Precision recused themselves from any representation to me. Essentially, they abandoned me, after the damage by them was done. Despite my repeated efforts to contact them, they have neither the professionalism, nor the courtesy to return my calls. Joseph Yates was the representative, and LeAn
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@Prometheus By Dr. Malik
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@Delaware Department of Transportation Maintenance Yard I have contacted DELDOT on several different occasions on your website about a traffic light at Shallcross Lake Rd & Boyd’s Corner Rd: Middletown, Delaware 19709. The need for a controlled intersection for Shallcross Lake & Boyd's Corner Rd; Middletown, DE. 19709 Where Shallcross Lake Rd was moved to the front of Grandview Farms DelDot Moved Shallcross Lake Rd from its historic site directly in front of Grandview Farms exit for the creation of the new development Baker's Farm. This has created an uncontrolled intersection. It took several calls and request to this very site to obtain a STOP SIGN Here. Now there is over 3000 plus homes accessing this road What has Not been considered is the fact that this road originated when there were 8 Farms total from the early 1900's. Grandview Farms began 40 years ago Every Day I Witness Drivers Almost Colliding Into Each Other Because Of The Uncontrolled Situation And Pray It's Not Me.
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@Bills Flooring and Remodeling NEVER NEVER NEVER To preface this, my fiancé and I are brand new home owners. We made many sacrifices to be able to finally purchase a home! Bill and his phony assistant Brian are complete scam artists. They use a man named Anthony to pry on new homeowners. We hired Brian and Bill to do painting, floor installation, and recessed lighting. We have a voice recording of Brian lying to us that we cannot use LVP on stairs due to “code”. They up charged us for the hardwood on the stairs and thought we wouldn’t find out. Luckily we had the first conversation voice recorded which proved to bill that his employee lied to us and up charged us. Bills response was “I wasn’t there when Brian gave you the quote.” Even the contractors that came on their behalf admitted they dislike working with Bill's team because they cannot communicate well. His crew left beers, trash, and a bad paint job. Many mistakes were made when painting. I would never recommend!
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