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@Spectrum Store
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@Bills Flooring and Remodeling Bill Swartz the proprietor sold me a kitchen remodeling job . Actually he sent a guy named Brian Kauffman who I later found out served prison time for tax evasion.The work was overpriced and very very poor, workmanship . During the process which started back in September of 2022 Bill kept coming back for more money after I gave him an initial down payment of 3000.00 $ His scheme was to get as much money as he could before the job was complete. All total I paid 9700$ As of today is still not complete. He sub contracted the work to a company called Lay's remodeling a guy name Andre did the shoddy work. I was truly scammed . All they did was tell lies from the get go. They didn't start the job on the date promised, they did not measure correctly so to compensate they put many spacers between cabinets. Also installed mixed match colors. I managed to get some money back in small claims court through mediation . For this work I deserve a full refund !
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@The Brick I got store credit for a defective bedframe about a year ago. Now I'm shopping for BBQ grill. Rona has a clearance sale for $399. The exact same product is listed on The Brick store for $679. It's the same SKU number and confirmed by Brick sale agent. They won't price match. I got 3 different reasons when i called 3 of the stores in Ottawa: 1) they dont offer price match if it's not appliances. Apparently the grill falls under "seasonal appliances" so doesn't qualify. 2) Rona has to offer the product nation wide, not just Ottawa. 3) they can't price match "clearance" items. Every agent called it their store policy when you knew they were just being dishonest. They just know I have store credit so I have no choice but to agree to whatever reason they give me to charge me full price. They know I don't have the option to buy it froM Rona since they took my money in the first place and tied me down exclusively to buy from their store at whatever price they set. Feel betrayed
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@MAD Roofing
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@Verizon Corporate Office failed to respond to my complaints about my new Verizon STB/DVR blanking (and muting) at random intervals for more than 6 months for as long as I have had it. This is very annoying considering what I am paying every month!
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@La Bella Luna
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@Sasha Cosmetics
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@Peak Performance Chiropractic & Rehabilitation
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@High Sierra Water Ski School
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@The ComixLounge
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@Zachary's BBQ & Soul Catering
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@Air Transat Headquarters 3e fois que j'appelle AirTransat et l'on me raccroche au nez alors que je veux signaler la présence de mon chien d'assistance. J'ai jamais eu de difficultés dans le passé avec AirTransat pour signaler la présence de mon chien, ça s'était toujours bien passé et là, 3 ans après mon dernier vol avec vous, je n'arrive même pas à avoir un agent fiable pour ajouter la note à mon dossier, l'on m'a demandé de remplir un formulaire en ligne chose que j'ai fait. Aucun retour de personne.... Je tente de rappeler, je tombe sur un agent, je lui explique gentiment la situation, au bout de 1minute, je me fait raccrocher au nez sans raison.... Je me demande ce que les 3 ans de COVID vous a fait mais ça vous a rendu bien merdique ça c'est sure..... Donc en gros je vais devoir prendre le risque de me dire *******, je vais aller à l'aéroport avec mon chien et leur dire sur le moment alors qu'à la base il faut prévenir minimum 48h à l'avance, parce que vous êtes à chier...
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@Westmont Inn
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@Plog & Stein, P.C.
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@Bagel Shack
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@Park Avenue Auto Lot
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