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This wasn't no Party!!

So I bought a Halloween costume at "Party Expert", it was a "Swedish Chef" costume, when I brought it home, I realized it was a ridiculously bad costume, the nose of the mask was dented, the hair falling out...and the way you wear the mask it involves placing the eyebrows over your am I supposed to see and walk around?? Unfortunately "Party Expert" has a severely strict no return policy, even though Halloween hasn't even passed yet, they can only exchange it for another,identical costume, however I am sure the defect was with all the Swedish Chef costumes, not this specific one..I e-mailed them and explained my problem hoping they can ease up on that super-strict no-return policy just one time, and have not received any response back, it is very unprofessional for a company to ignore a customer complaint, keep in mind this is a 70$ costume, not a cheap 5$ one. I even made a Youtube video where I try on the costume and explain how truly awful it is, check it out:

Location being griped about:

1633 Boulevard Le Corbusier
Laval, Quebec (store # 108)



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Hey Simon! Love the video, keep up the good work! We've decided to highlight your gripe as gripe-of-the-week, stay tuned.... :)

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Party Expert
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