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United Airlines vs. the other Dave Carroll

Like the musician, I flew from a Canadian Airport, connected in Chicago at O'Hare, and then flew to my destination in Springfield MO.

Upon landing in Springfield, my wife and I were informed our baggage never left Chicago. However we were assured it would be on the next flight arriving in 3 hours. We were to be renting a car, to drive 3 hours away for my brother's wedding in Tulsa OK. So having to wait 3 hours put a kink in our plans. The alternative, was for us to leave, our luggage would then arrive in Springfield, get sent back to Chicago, then to an Airport closer to where we were staying, then sent to our hotel, but they couldn't guarantee it would arrive that night. This was at 11am!

We opted to wait for the luggage. My wife's arrived. Mine, with my name on it, DAVE CARROLL, never even left Chicago. I had heard of the broken guitar incident, and felt somewhat frustrated. We had to hit the road, so we made sure the message was clear. Ship the luggage to the hotel in Tulsa where we were staying.

When we arrived at our hotel around 4pm, I called the 1-800 number provided by the United Rep, who informed me it would be directed to their call center in India. The first person I spoke with told me my bag was shipped to Springfield and awaiting my pick-up. I re-explained that it was to be sent to my hotel in Tulsa. He said okay, and that I wouldn't be receiving it until later that night. I was also informed if it didn't arrive, I could spend the bare minimum to pick up essentials (underwear, deodorant, contact solution, etc), and then I might be refunded in 10-12 weeks after filling out the required paperwork.

At 11pm, I called back to check again. The gentleman told me my bag was now in Chicago, again, and that they were in the process of expediting my bag to Springfield...again... I told him to stop, and send it to Tulsa, to the hotel listed in the claim. He then assured me it would be on the first flight out the next morning, and would arrive in Tulsa at 10:15am. At that point, I told him if I didn't have it or hear from anyone by Noon, I would call back. At that point he got snapped at me "THAT IS FINE, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE, BYE-BYE" and hung up on me.

The next day, at 2pm, when the bags had still not arrived, I called again. The person I spoke with this time actually put me on hold to call the associated airports to actually track down my bag. He found it finally, and got the message across to where it should be and when. He also informed me, that there were not any notes taken on the prior two calls. That the fact I was told to pick up essentials was not noted, and may effect my chances of reimbursement. That is most likely why my instructions about where to deliver it never made it to the right people.

When I finally received my bags, it was 11pm. From the time I landed in Springfield, to the time my bag was in my hand, was 37hours.

I was told I will not be reimbursed my baggage fees of $25 each flight. I might get reimbursed for my purchase of bare essentials $41 at Walmart. And that I may receive a travel voucher from United(Why would I ever want to fly with them again??)

While at the airport on the way home from this trip, the United rep told everyone boarding in Springfield that the plane was overweight, and he needed 3 volunteers to wait an hour until the next flight. He offered them $450 travel vouchers... for a 1 hour inconvenience.

For a 37 hour inconvenience, and frustrating alterations to the plans surrounding my brother's wedding, I'm getting maybe $41, and maybe a Travel Voucher for an undisclosed amount.

United breaks more than Guitars.

I feel like this happened.


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So, today in my email I received a $150 United Airlines travel voucher.

Why would I ever want to travel with them again after this event? They won't lose a dime issuing this voucher unfortunately.

Getting the short end of the stick based on your name isn't the idea situation at all.

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