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Towson Ink refuses to deliver my online order

On 11/14/2012 I went on Towson Ink's website and ordered a Brother dr360 drum cartridge and used my Visa debit card to purchase it. To date I have not received my order.

I spoke to Brian Elefant on 2 separate occasions and both times he said he would re-send the order and add a toner cartridge to show good faith. That was a week ago and now he refuses to return my calls.

I paid $49.45 for that order and now I want my money back.

I would urge anyone thinking of ordering from this company to think twice about it.



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Sorry to hear about your trouble in getting this sent. I would also insist on this company providing tracking numbers for the packages they say were sent to you.

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Hey thejastank,

We're so happy to see that your gripe was resolved! It looks like your post on Gripevine was effective because you included dates and specifics, which makes it faster and easier for companies to respond to gripes - great work!

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This helps the company you're griping about and other Gripevine users truly understand your experience with them. Gripevine is here to help consumers and businesses work together to find successful resolutions to customer service issues, but we also strive to assist businesses in improving their reputation by helping them listen to valuable feedback from their customers, and Gripevine is no exception.

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Best regards,
Geri Gripester
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