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My boyfriend and I ordered 2 rings from Dealfind. After waiting for 2 months we finally received the package. I was quite disappointed when there was only 1 ring in the envelope. I emailed Dealfind to see if there was another package coming and when I would receive it. No one responded. I have since emailed them every few days for two weeks. No one has responded at all. At this point I am very upset and don't think I will ever purchase from Dealfind again. This is quite unfortunate as I have been a good customer up to this point. They've made a lot of money off me but obviously don't value me as a customer.

The best part is Dealfind's website states

"We're here for you. If you still don't have your answer, email us by submitting a support request form and one of our Customer Satisfaction Experts will be more than happy to assist you. The bottom line: We are always here to help."

Where's my help?


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Thank you for your post. We are here for you, we apologize if we did not get back to your email. Can you please let us know the email reference number and we can find out what happened. We look forward to getting this resolved for you.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Dealfind Support

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The 2 latest reference numbers are:



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This is turning into the Dealfind Gripevine. If Dealfind is such a big scam why do so many people keep trying to use it? Doesn't anyone ever read the bad reviews or see the news stories about it on TV?

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I hvae always had great experiences with the vouchers. It is only purchasing a product that I am now greatly dissatisfied. I will not be getting any more products or services.

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Hey Lindzer82,

We're so happy to see that your gripe was resolved! It looks like your post on Gripevine was effective because you responded quickly to make your resolution process efficient.

Now that you have received an amicable resolution, you can visit the "my gripes" section of your dashboard and rate your overall experience, which will be used to calculate Dealfind's "Customer Satisfaction Index" (CSI score). This rating empowers all users to have their voices heard in collectively and provides a valuable consumer reference for rating and comparing companies.

This helps the company you're griping about and other Gripevine users truly understand your experience with them. Gripevine is here to help consumers and businesses work together to find successful resolutions to customer service issues, but we also strive to assist businesses in improving their reputation by helping them listen to valuable feedback from their customers, and Gripevine is no exception.

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Best regards,
Gigi Gripester
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