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Razor Blades are NOT a cut above - Refund Please

I have been using the same razor blades for years so imagine my delight when I saw an opportunity to buy 16 Fusion blades for the price of 4 at my local drug store, and imagine how happy my wife was when I told her I could get the same deal for her Venus blades! Of course I immediately placed an order for mine and hers without hesitation...I should have hesitated...

The product took FOREVER to finally arrive and when I tried to use the blades it was like trying to shave with a blowtorch and a hand grenade, painful to say the least. The green strip I quickly discovered was just there to look pretty and provided no lubrication whatsoever.

I like Dealfind and realize when placing most orders that I am going to wait much, much longer than advertised, but in this particular case I was more than dissapointed.

I filled out the Dealfind form letter and am awaiting a response. I'm sure they will do the right thing.

JD - Calgary Alberta, Canada


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Hi JD,

Thank you for your post, can you let us know your email reference number and we can look into your inquiry immediately.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Dealfind Support

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are the numbers on my automatic email responses

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