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Over $200 unknowingly taken by Buongiorno

This company has taken over $200 by automatically billing me daily without my knowledge! They will not refund me even though I have never downloaded anything from their service. Complete scam!!!


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This company is a notorious scam factory, and unfortunately it proves extremely difficult to secure reimbursement because they actually bill your service provider, who then in turn bills you. They're essentially what is called a "premium services provider" who enters into a pricing agreement with your carrier and then the fun begins..
Anything from ads in free apps/games to those crazy commercials you see on television saying "Text SUCKER to 55555 for a free ring tone!!!!!!". Although they claim you need to confirm/ask for a subscription, there are hundreds of horror stories online of people who have been signed up and only found out because they were going through their phone bill with a fine toothed comb!
(800-986-4614) is a number that was provided on a different complain here at Gripevine to speak directly with Buongiorno, and you can try to dispute the charges with your wireless carrier.
BEWARE ANY UNSOLICITED TEXT MESSAGES, even ones that purport to need a response to "verify your facebook account".

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Hey squirrel,

We're so happy to see that your gripe was resolved! It looks like your post on Gripevine was effective because your voice was heard loud and clear!

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