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Oakley - Premium sunglasses, poor service

I've been a loyal wearer of Oakley sunglasses for almost 15 years. To date I've been happy with the quality and durability of the glasses. Even after five or six years of use they always look as good as the day I bought them. That is until my most recent pair.

I purchased a pair of Oakley Square Whiskers ($250) almost two years ago. As an expensive pair of sunglasses I've always taken great care of the glasses by storing them in the protective bag and case. Getting ready for an outing in September on a nice warm sunny day I grab the case and carefully pulled the glasses out of their protective bag. As I pulled them out something didn't feel right. They came out as two part. The glasses had come apart with the soldering on the bridge between the two lenses. I was shocked as I had not damaged the case, glasses or experienced anything like this with Oakley glasses before.

I posted images of the glasses on Oakley's facebook page. They got back to me right away and suggested I take them back to where they were purchased or to call the 1-800 for a replacement. I was delighted with the quick response on social media and thought great a company that gets it.

I took them back to where they were purchased (Sunglass Hut) and they had informed me that since it was past the one year warranty there was nothing they could do. However, the store manager suggested that it was in their opinion a manufactures defaut after explaing how the issued occured. They suggested that I call Oakley directly to explain the situtation and that often Oakley will replace the frames or glasses. The manager provided me Oakley's 1-800 number and off I went.

My first call to Oakley was not successful. Their position was that since it was past the one-year warranty their was nothing they could do. So, once again explaining how the glasses broke and the fact the store (who is a distributor of Oakley) suggested it was a default, they offered explore the possibilty of purchasing a new frame. I would have been ok to purchase the new frame, however I was told Oakley had stopped making the frame and that would not be an option. After contining to push the situtation, I was offered a 20 per cent discount on a new pair. Although it was a small gesture, I still felt that I should be getting more for a pair of sunglasses that were only two years old and the fact I was told it was a default.

I asked to speak to a manager and they put me through to James, where I traded voicemail a couple of times. Finally James and I spoke and again his position was they there was nothing they could do as the one-year warranty was up. Not satisfied with that answer I suggested Oakley should stand behind their brand of being premium sunglasses and they should not come apart on the soldering. He finally offered a 30 per cent discount and that was as far as he was willing to go. Again, I still felt this was a default and why should I be paying for their issue? He asked me what would make me happy...I suggested that I was willing to offer to pay cost for a new pair. I thought this was a fair offer as I would get a new pair of sunglasses and it would cost Oakley nothing. How much would it cost Oakley with the word of mouth I was telling already?

James was not able to offer this and put me through to another manager. It was then I realized why should I be paying anything. This is a manufactuers issue, not mine. After bumping into friend Dave Carroll he of course suggested Gripevine. So, I'm planting my gripe with Oakley. I want to remain a customer of Oakley, let's see what they are willing to do to keep me.



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I've dealt with Oakley Canada head office before and I agree it's painful.

I've always had better luck calling their California office. They actually fixed my watch for me free of charge, when the Canadian location's watch guy was on lunch break 6 hours a day, and wouldn't ever return a call!

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Hey nalderson,

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