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Macy's Parade, who cares! How about better customer service?

I call the local # for @Macysinc, 7mins later connected to Phillipines. After 15 minutes of trying to understand the CSR, I politely ask to be transferred to a US office. Ten minutes later I'm connected to hear "We don't know where the unexplained balance on my account came from there is no detail." But they do want to know why I haven't yet paid the bill. REALLY? I want to know when you are going to give me the purchase detail and the 45 mintues of my life back. But I'm powerless because if I don't pay it I'm the one that suffers. HEY MACY'S Use the parade money bring your jobs back to the US and invest in your customer service efforts. #MACYSWORSTCUSTSERVICEEVER, #BoycottMacysParade, #CutYourMacysCard



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I care about the parade. As usual Macy's Parade in NYC was mostly talk between the hosts I usually have never heard of before and skits from Broadway musicals in the street or some singer on a indoor set someplace else. In 45 minutes only twice they went to a woman down on the parade route who told what floats just went by and what ones were coming, never saw one float on TV. The hosts then talked with Bloomberg much longer than I want to listen to Bloomberg, which is about 2 seconds. Got fed up with that and tried the McDonald's Parade in Chicago on WGN and it was the same, never saw a float just heard about them. A parade like Macy's and McDonald's is suppose to be about some of the best floats in the world not prancers singing in the streets. So at the least show the floats once in awhile in your lousy parade programming.

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