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Just looking for a reply

I ordered a hotel package at the beginning of November, right away emailed to cancel after realizing I could not use it on a weekend. It was my fault for not reading the fine print which I mentioned in my letter. Since that time, I have heard back once from them stating someone will be in touch, meanwhile I have consistently sent emails asking please someone reply ... Stop ignoring me? Absolutely no response. So rude. So unprofessional. Yet, this is how they run their business!!


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Thank you for your post. Can you please let me know your email reference number and we can have our CS team follow up with your inquiry.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Dealfind Support

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Hello CSDealfind,

We have moved Sonothappy's private information into the private information area of his gripe. You can see all private info on your dashboard. Take advantage of your resolution dashboard to work out all of your customer care issues securely and privately, this platform was created specifically for companies for this purpose.

Thank you,

Dave Sykes
Gripevine Moderator

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My email is xxxxxxxx@xxxx.xx and this is the reference number ! (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

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Hello Sonothappy,

We have moved your email address and other private information to the private info area in your gripe. Dealfind will be able to see that information from their dashboard, and the general public will not be able to view it.

Please add any future private information to the private information area in your gripe.

Thank you,

Dave Sykes
Gripevine Moderator

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