Gripevine in the Media

February 10, 2014
How to complain effectively when travel goes wrong

Dave Carroll, Co-Founder of and the author of United Breaks Guitars: The Power of One Voice in the Age of Social Media, shares some useful tips on how to complain effectively.

January 15, 2014
Radio Highlight: Broken Guitar Dave Carroll

Gripevine is a play on the work gripe, because consumers gripe and want to do something about it. I had all of this attention because of United Breaks Guitars and what consumers can do in this age. A friend of mine, and now my business partner Richard Hue, told me that he was developing the framework for a website called Gripevine to empower consumers to be heard more effectively. We joined forces and built a team from there, and we now have this great platform called Consumers can share their gripes with other people, you can come on there, take as much time as you want, to say what happened and we take your gripe and send it to the company in question, past the front line of customer service agents to decision-makers. Then we can give the company a chance to respond, to make an incentive to participate.”

December 16, 2013
How to complain effectively when travel goes wrong

Kara Morgan left her hotel in Blue Bell, Penn., with plenty of time to catch her flight back to Toronto. Ms. Morgan, who owns PlanIt! Business Outsourcing Solutions, had been attending a three-day conference and was eager to get home for her son’s birthday. Through her hotel, she called a shuttle service at 2:30 p.m., four hours in advance of her 7 p.m. flight. The shuttle (which cost $40) showed up 1.5 hours later for the one-hour drive, but Morgan judged she still had plenty of time.

June 3, 2013
Consumer Dispute Resolution

NATIONWIDE - When you have a consumer problem and need help resolving it, whom do you turn to? an attorney?

A government agency? A tv station? What if solving the dispute was as easy as just typing it up online and having a company step in to fight your battle? We found a new and growing internet industry specializing in just that: electronic “non-traditional” dispute resolution.

May 29, 2013
Online services offer consumer dispute resolution

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- When you have a consumer problem with a company, what do you do to resolve it? What if solving the dispute was as easy as just typing it up online and having a company step in to fight your battle?

There is a new and growing Internet industry specializing in just that: electronic "non-traditional" dispute resolution. Some sites are free, while others ask you to pay a fee.

From complaints about wireless service, used car lots, pet care companies, and in Neal Alderson's case, sunglasses. New online resolution sites claim to "take the pain out of complain."

April 30, 2013
How to make a complaint to customer service and get results!

Not getting your complaint heard? Read these tips from the man who made a complaint and got millions to listen. Dave Carroll watched as airline staff recklessly tossed his guitar around the tarmac. His precious instrument was broken. Snubbed by customer service, he created “United Breaks Guitars,” a video seen by over 12 million viewers. He now helps people complain effectively.

April 28, 2013
Unfriendly skies provoke customer service backlash

As our nation has evolved from a predominately manufacturing-based economy to a service-based and, then, to a tech-based economy, our overall quality of service has deteriorated and our methodology has changed.

We have become remarkably adept at handling customer service problems and complaints after the fact but sadly inept in preventing them at the point of sale…or have we?

April 27, 2013
Websites devoted to mediating problems

How would you like someone fighting your battles for you? We found websites devoted to doing just that.

From complaints about wireless service, used car lots, pet care companies, new online resolution sites claim they can help fix your problems.

April 23, 2013
3 On Your Side: Solve My Problem Now!

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – What if solving a dispute with a business was as easy as just typing it up online?

As 3 On Your Side consumer reporter Jim Donovan finds, more and more consumers are heading to the internet to resolve their complaints.

When Neal Alderson’s expensive sunglasses broke in half he requested a replacement pair from the maker, but all he got was a run-around.

So, he posted this gripe on

April 23, 2013
Websites promise results for consumer complaints

We've seen a growing number of people taking to social media to air their troubles. They're posting complaints on Facebook or posting videos on you tube.

Now, internet sites are capitalizing on the trend and offering digital dispute resolution.

Neal Alderson says when his expensive sunglasses broke in half he requested a replacement pair from the maker.

April 11, 2013
Got A Problem? New Online Complaint Services Will Fight For You

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Trying to get a refund or a replacement for a product that has already been paid for is something that everybody has experienced, but some companies are notorious for giving customers the runaround and making satisfaction hard to come by.

Neal Alderson recently told CBS 2′s Dana Tyler that he was struggling to get his pricey sunglasses fixed, until he posted a complaint on a site called Gripevine.

February 25, 2013
Using Social Media To Get Your Way

Forget dialing an 800-number to complain, and don’t even think about writing an old-fashioned letter. If you want a business to take notice of your bad experience, and actually do something to make it right, use social media.

February 19, 2013
Gripevine: The future of customer relations

I recently featured a background piece on Dave Carroll, creator of the 2009 viral video titled ‘United Breaks Guitars‘. The saga of his guitar-crushing trip and ensuing (successful) struggle to get satisfaction from United Airlines, have become a case study, par excellence, of consumer power in the age of social media. Here is Part 2 of the interview with a focus on, the start-up platform that grew out of Dave’s one man crusade.

February 11, 2013
Dave Carroll: A Rants-to-Riches Story

You don’t want to mess with Dave Carroll and his $3,500 Taylor guitar. That was a lesson United Airlines learned the hard way when Dave’s music video “United Breaks Guitars” became a YouTube hit back in 2009. After his video on United’s customer service fiasco went viral, Dave saw an awesome way of turning his lemons to lemonade: a startup he called Gripevine.

January 15, 2013
From Denny's To Charmin, Brands Try To Crack The Social Conversation

If there is a human agent of that fear, it is Dave Carroll, a 44-year-old folk-pop musician from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since 2009, Carroll--the victimized United Airlines customer behind "United Breaks Guitars"--has become an accidental self-help guru for brands in need of social media therapy. He travels around the world giving keynotes to Fortune 500 companies with the sobering, if not inspirational, message that at minimum, every brand needs to listen and respond to its customers on social media (and not in auto-reply mode). Last spring, he released his first book, which takes its title from his song.

January 11, 2013
Texas Living — KTXD-TV

Texas Living — KTXD-TV featured the launch of Gripevine, as well as Dave’s advice regarding how social media is impacting consumers.

January 10, 2013
Social Scoop: Viral complaint sparks venue for griping 'Gripevine'

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The man who complained about an airline breaking his guitar back in 2009 via a catchy country song has helped start up a social media venue for griping about customer service. Enter Gripevine.

December 27, 2012
WGN News at Five — WGN-TV featured the launch of Gripevine [VIDEO]

Maybe you had experienced that customer service this season. This website can help give your boss heard. WGN News at Five — WGN-TV featured the launch of Gripevine, as well as Dave’s advice regarding how social media is impacting consumers.

December 20, 2012
Startup News: Two Regular New Yorkers Disrupt Christmas and Alexis Ohanian Just Wants to Park His Car

The Customer Is Always Right Gripevine, a site where you can complain about customer service and review companies, just launched an updated version of their site. It now includes ratings and reviews. The same team also launched Resolution 1, a tool for businesses that lets them manage feedback from multiple sources at once.

December 19, 2012
What Women Entrepreneurs Can Teach Us About Customer Service

When you think of “women” and “customer service,” is the first image that comes to mind a smiling, headset-wearing woman in a low-level customer service job meekly taking guff from a grumpy caller? Think again.

December 17, 2012
Online dispute resolution takes off

If you pit the wisdom of the masses against Judge Judy, who would win? If Lance Soskin has anything to say about it, online dispute resolution may one day displace traditional arbitration and mediation to help people avoid the hassle and cost of going to court.

December 14, 2012
Famous United Airlines Gripe Sparks Startup Idea

Musician Dave Carroll made headlines in 2009 when he posted a video to YouTube complaining about how his guitar was broken during a United Airlines flight and the airline company’s poor response.

December 6, 2012
Local customer's online purchase issues with 3rd party seller on Amazon

WASHINGTON - More people are shopping online than ever before and is a very popular website for buying almost anything. However, with all the third-party merchants selling through Amazon, how do you know you can trust the company?

December 6, 2012
United Breaks Guitars Musician Updates Gripevine Complaint Platform, Debutes Resolution1 Tool

Gripevine, an online platform that lets consumers voice their complaints and directly solve them with companies online, lanched a new version of its website this week, with new features that help consumers review and rate companies. Co-founder Dave Carroll (of United Breaks Guitars YouTube video fame) is also launching a new, standalone product called Resolution1 with co-founder Robert Ramage. This new platform is a cloud-based resolution dashboard that integrates with a company’s website through their customer service or Contact Us sections.

December 5, 2012
19 Action News at Five — WOIO-TV featured the launch of Gripevine

19 Action News at Five — WOIO-TV featured the launch of Gripevine, as well as Dave’s advice regarding how social media is impacting consumers on their show.

December 5, 2012
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December 4, 2012
Gripevine takes on Radian6 with Resolution1, a dashboard for ‘hearing’ & resolving customer issues

Customer complaint startup Gripevine has launched a new product called Resolution1 that takes on the similarly named Radian6 in the space of listening to customers on social media channels and helping them with issues.

December 4, 2012
The “United Breaks Guitar” guy launches Resolution1, a platform for brands to handle customer feedback

A couple of years ago, a musician encountered some trouble while flying on United Airlines and his property got damaged. When attempting to get the proper customer support wasn’t possible, he took to social media and created a YouTube sensation called “United Breaks Guitars“. The jaunty tune caught on like wildfire and it was shared practically everywhere. The airline clearly heard what was going on.

December 4, 2012
Gripe of the Week: Macy's Customers Looking for Something to Be Thankful About

In our latest Gripe of the Week, Macy's customer and Gripevine user snlover experiences one of the classic frustrations of trying to resolve a customer service issue: getting caught in a seemingly endless cycle of call centre representatives who seem ill-equipped to present an answer to their problem. The customer becomes increasingly emotional, which tends to make it even more difficult for the representative to work with the consumer to find an amicable solution to the problem, and the vicious cycle leaves everyone involved feeling stressed and disillusioned.

December 4, 2012
'United Breaks Guitars' troubador expands gripe startup

Got a problem with a business? Musician Dave Carroll sure did after a baggage handler broke his guitar, which famously led him onto YouTube with a 2009 song that quickly went viral, and then into entrepreneurship with a startup called Gripevine.