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Hello Totem Nick Will Steal Your Phone and Pay You $0

I wanted to sell my old phone and get the most $ out of it. I found an article from the Huffington Post that recommended a company that paid the most. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/20/how-to-sell-iphone_n_3957791.html) To my surprise, the author updated the article two days after I sent in my device! What the heck. I read it later and tried to stop shipment. I had 7 day until it would reach this guy, but then FEDEX said, "Sorry we just hand it off to another carrier" So I had to sit back and wait and track my device be delivered to a guy who never replies to emails & business twitter account is now deactivated.

It's been two weeks from the time I sent in my device. I've received 0 replies. It seems I've fallen victim to an Internet SCAM! I've been reading numerous complaints from other people who've been scammed out of their devices and have yet to receive payment or if they finally do, they get bad checks.


No one from their company replies to emails and the phone number listed does not work.

Supposedly there is a prepaid-label option you can print out and payment by paypal. Both don't work. He just automatically sends you a prepaid box via USPS and they mail you checks.

His name is Nicholas Fiorentino. He has tons of phones from people and does not pay up. (@iwantyouriphone)

Nick, I want the money I was quoted ($175) or I want my phone back in the condition it was mailed.


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Did you ever get anything back from those scumbags? I also used Hello Totem, based upon a write-up in cnet.com back in Dec of 2013. I filed a complaint with the BBB, but nothing ever came of it. That dirtbag stole thousands of expensive iPhones, and there's nothing we can do?

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Nope. I tried to submit a complaint to the BBB as well but since the company is no longer in business, they basically told me i'm SOL. What a horrible experience. I should have sold my phone to Amazon.

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